My day…

Today was kind of an odd day with many emotional ups and downs. I woke up a bit anxious and immediately started cleaning the kitchen. After finishing the kitchen it was time to get ready for my scene with Christian with a trip to the nail salon. I always LoVe going to the nail salon, the foot massages are my favorite! After getting pampered at the salon I had to rush back home to shower and make it to the set.

I was the first one to arrive on set, and I was late, I ended up waiting outside for about 20 mins before someone showed up to let me in. The make-up artist was a super cool chick, and again I LoVe hair and make-up because I feel pampered! The scene with Christian was amazing, as always… blog post to follow soon, but afterwords was kind of a downer.

After the scene, Christian drove me home and I was telling him about my recent break-up… lol, he told me to stop telling him the story because it was depressing. Since the break-up was so emotional for me it got me to thinking about my childhood, growing up in foster care still affects me today. I really started thinking about how sometimes we, as people, just want to be loved. I have no real family, my friends are my family, so sometimes I think I may have settled for less than I deserved out of pure loneliness.

I never thought I would admit that I was lonely or just wanted to be loved, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be being honest. I’m just blessed for what I do have in my life and that is good friends and a GREAT job, lol!

3 responses to “My day…

  1. That’s why you have to love yourself. Remember to be happy with who you are and don’t let others validate you.

  2. AWWWWW you could use a hug as bad as me!!
    I’m sorry I don’t know as a friend what all is going on but I’m sorry to hear the word break up cuz those I hate.. but we need to remember everything happens for a reason. True friends are hard to come by for anyone girl and when we find one we need to hold onto them cuz they will always be there for us but I’m sure glad I found out who my true friends were this last year. It’s a bit lonely but I have so much more important stuff keeping me occupied these days. You can call me I’ll listen to your depressing stories.. I always have an ear for you! Keep smiling and shaking those boobies and doing your thang girl cuz a bunch of us do love you!! Smooches Tawnee

  3. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! Hella random place to post it.. but here it is!!


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