Work, work, WORK!

If you have been asking yourself why I haven’t had much of an online presence as of late, please allow me to share with you what I have been working on.

1. Desiree Devine Productions – Yep, that’s right folks… I’m working on starting my own production company! For quite some time I have had a vision of what I would like to see in the BBW adult world and I am THRILLED to finally have this opportunity.

2. Devine Talent – Something else I have been wanting to do for awhile… my own talent agency. I am scouting for the most elite girls… so if you know anyone or you are someone who wants to get into the adult industry, shoot me an email at!

3. BBW Hunnies – BBW Hunnies is a collaborated effort to bring forth the most elite BBW’s in the industry. Myself and Subrina Love are coming together to build a strong network of performers, models, talent agents and promoters of the size acceptance movement. ( Flyer to follow in next blog)

4. BBW Hunnies Strip Tease Tour – Not much explaining needed here, lol! We’re organizing BBW stripper parties to start in the LA area and continue nation wide, yay!

And that’s all folks… these are the things I have spent the last few weeks slaving away on. If you don’t see me on MySpace or Twitter, just know that I am hard at work making all of my dreams reality.

Much love and as always thank you all for your support!

3 responses to “Work, work, WORK!

  1. best of luck in all of this!! I’m especially curious #1 Devine Productions… and #2 which seems obviously related. Please do keep us posted! 🙂

  2. Just tell me what I can do for you and it is done Dear. Plus, a strip tour of Montreal would be good. *wink*

  3. Hello pretty you really are beautiful can I be in your next film(staring you of course) :)~

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