Denied by ADULTCON!

Ok, so… myself and Subrina Love signed up for a booth at ADULTCON, our first time there. Everything seemed to be coming along swimmingly until we were denied for not being height, weight proportionate. Needless to say I was quite offended by this turn of events and, well… here’s the story…

9 responses to “Denied by ADULTCON!

  1. Damn chick, that sucks! But they are going to regret their decision. The plus movement, no matter what arena, is gaining strength. Your successes will show them the error of their way.

  2. I wanted to let you know I have already contacted AdultFYI to ask if I can reproduce the entry in my blog to spread the news of this royal clusterfuck.

  3. what kind of stupid, idiotic and asinine BULLSHIT is this? I would never suspect there be such blatant discrimination in porn such as this. I guess even in the world of smut, you have complete idiots. I say FUCK ADULTCON!!!!!!I hope they don’t get a damn thing. They just made my stupid idiot of the year blog. I can’t really believe such morons run the place. FUCK ADULTCON in their rancid asses!!!

  4. thanks for dropping by. i’ve never been to adultcon now i know why.

  5. This is going to far as far asI am concerned!! Real women have curves and the average lady is at least a size 14( barely big enough for my tastes) and 5ft 4in tall !! These guys need to be real and wake up to the fact that men want Ladies like these hot and sexy babes and they are in demand and a genuine nitch in this world!!

  6. This is ridiculous!!! I was wondering why Ms. Devine was added to the stars scheduled page on adultcon’s site and then removed only a few days after. She’s one of the girls I really wanted to meet. Oh well, too late to cancel my trip.

  7. That really sucks! You are a very beautiful woman and that should be all that matters!! But this country is very … superficial! I hope you get some satisfaction from this.

  8. Desiree,

    I read your story on Adultfyi and was instantly insulted not only because its illegal LOL but I am a transsexual Pornstar and apparently we arent welcome either. I heard Kimber James (ts performer) was told she could sign but I was hoping she would deny them and ask her fans to boycott the show.

    I applaud you for sticking up for yourself and your genre! I hope your fans email adultcon and let them know they are missing out on money and visitors.

    Adultcon email address is just in case your fans want to email how they feel!

    Best Wishes and GOOD LUCK

  9. Don’t be disappointed girl, went to the adultcon event last night(sat.) and it was such a farce…I have never attended something so poorly put together in my life…and I believe it is a good thing that your name is now not associated with the sad aldutcon name….very very bad show and beside all of this the girls there looked like they were cracked out, heroin using, teeth missing whores….NO JOKE IT WAS SAD…SAD…SAD, and I do not enjoy being totally scamed out of 35.00…so again be happy you were not there…

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