We’ll be at the AEE!

Thanks partially to the discrimination of Adultcon, myself, Subrina Love, Farrah Foxx and Chocolate Nights will be attending the AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) as the first EVER BBW booth in the history of the event! The event is in Vegas January 8-11, so make sure that you come out to support us if you can!

4 responses to “We’ll be at the AEE!

  1. wow such a venue of such lovelies. would be nice to attend that. Well I hope you all have a great time.

  2. totally off topic. just dropping by to tell you that i, for the first time, just saw a flick with you in it, and you are totally gorgeous! it wasn’t my last glance of you, so to speak..

    but anyway: enjoy your stay at that convent or whatever they call em,


  3. hello my love i want to married with you you are the best i love you contacted me my desirée devine i love you

  4. way to go Desiree! I hope the expo went well. It’s a shame Adultcon denied BBWs, but hey, they will learn their lesson the hard way.

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