Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney

Today I sent a little note to the Dr. Phil Show letting them know that they are about to place one of the biggest hypocrites in the BBW community on their show. Here’s the note:

“You have a guest by the name of Lisa Marie Garbo coming up on an upcoming show. She has self proclaimed herself as the “Power Plus Woman” stating the she represents the plus sized community. She also states that she denounces any plus size woman working in the adult/porn industry.

It needs to be brought to the shows attention that Lisa Marie Garbo herself was an adult model and was quite active in the adult industry so far as to even run her own xxx website.

This woman is a hypocrite and should not be allowed to go on national television and represent the plus size, BBW, community.”

Now, if you’re not familiar with Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney, she is the promoter of a BBW night club in Long Beach called Club Bounce. I met Lisa Marie a couple of years ago when I first went to her club and for some reason something about her never set right with me. I later came to find out it was because she is an evil little creature. It had honestly been many moons since I had met someone, in my opinion, so self admiring, rude, back stabbing and hypocritical.

Lisa Marie was even brazen enough to ban me from the club after I posted the following article on Myspace as a public service.

Shooting, stabbing at L.B. club may be related

Article from:
Press-Telegram Long Beach, CA.
Article date:
March 1, 2008
// Hanna Chu

LONG BEACH – A man was shot and a female was stabbed in possibly related incidents early Saturday, authorities said.

A male adult victim was allegedly approached by a group of male blacks and shot in the parking lot outside a club at about 1:45 a.m., said LBPD Officer Jackie Bezart.

The incident apparently originated at Club Bounce, 6285 E. Pacific Coast Highway, then moved into the parking lot.

About an hour later in the same vicinity, a female Hispanic victim was approached by a group of female blacks and stabbed.

Both victims were transported to local hospitals with non-life- threatening wounds, Bezart said.

No suspect information was available.

“Nothing indicates that it’s gang-related,” Bezart said.

No further information was available., 562-499-1476

Lisa Marie has since ban an entire population of people that she doesn’t like for no other reason than she doesn’t like them. Please believe that if you speak against her or the club, she will ban you and spread vicious rumors like a middle school child. She has to be one of the most immature women I have ever met, it’s like she has yet to make it past high school.

When it came to my attention that she has taken it upon herself to represent the BBW community, I was furious to say the least. WHO is she to represent anyone? She has denounced an entire industry in which she was and is still a part of! It is safe to say that this woman makes me sick. She has gone to extreme measures to remove all of her adult content from the internet but just to show you I’m telling the truth here are a few images I’ve kept.

Lisa Marie also ran a popular BBW XXX site, You can look up the domain on WHOIS and find out all of the info on who owns the domain. She has recently removed all of the original content and replaced it with a generic affiliate store… smh!

Some people would wonder why I care to call her out or what it is that I have against her… well, I’ll tell you this. I truly believe that ALL people should be free to make their own choices in life and that they should never be judged for what choices those may be. I also believe that you should be held accountable for the choices that you make even if those choices have negative repercussions. Any coward can run away and try to hide evidence, it takes a REAL woman to stand up and take responsibility for her actions. I believe that the woman self proclaiming herself the voice of BBW’s should be ashamed of herself and come clean about her checkered past.

*** The information given about Lisa Marie Garbo is from personal accounts and public knowledge. This blog was not written in malice but as a public service to the bbw community. Lisa Marie has made herself into a “public figure” and should be held accountable for her actions. If you choose to place yourself in the public eye you should be prepared for the skeletons to fall out of the closet. If Ms. California should be held accountable for her past endeavors, why should a shameless club promoter be any different? ***

*** ALL comments will be approved except those written in all caps! ***

PS… I’m sorry Lisa, you don’t always get your way. You should’ve been humble and kept your mouth shut, this blog would’ve stayed hidden. Some people never learn.

46 responses to “Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney

  1. Are you really so lame as to need to belittle someone just because you don’t get along? Instead of trying to rip er apart maybe you should have learned from her and perhaps set a better example yourself and stop flaunting your fat a$$. At least she changed and has tried to make herself a role model for the plus sized women who don’t feel like they belong to any kind of community. At least she put herself out there, what do you do for anyone? Not a damn thing I am sure. All you can do is puff out your tits and shake your a$$, that’s all the attention you’ll ever get. What a sad and sorry little “CREATURE” you are!!!

    • desireedevine

      Lol, what a good comment! I’m not shocked to see one of Lisa’s drone’s coming to her defense. This is not an “I don’t like her” issue. If you were intelligent enough to read the blog then you should’ve figured out that this is an issue of hypocrisy at it’s finest. Obviously you don’t know anything about me to ask such a stupid question as to what I’ve done for BBW’s. I’m truly not worried about what the small minded individuals, such as yourself, think about what we do as adult models. Our objective as BBW adult models is not to flaunt our fat asses but to show the world that women of all shapes and sizes can be sexy and beautiful.

      If you took the time to read though any of my other blogs, which I’m sure you didn’t, you would see that I make no apologies for who or what I am. I am not ashamed nor do I regret anything I have done. I put what I put out to the world in hopes to broaden people’s views of beauty. I do not try to hide what I’ve done nor do I lie to make myself appear to be someone I’m not. I have no problem with Lisa Marie trying to better herself, in fact I applaud her efforts, my issue is that she hides what she has done and speaks ill of people who have done the same things as she.

      I am not, in no way shape or form, judgmental, however, I will not stand for hypocrisies from anyone. Change your life great, find a new direction, fine… but never look down on those who are where you came from. To stand in front of the world and say you are a leader requires you to actually be a leader. Lisa Marie Garbo is not respected nor admired in the “true” BBW community. She may think that her club makes her cool because it’s gotten a lot of media attention but in fact the real BBW community pioneers have nothing but disdain for her because she is more worries about making her claim to fame than bettering the BBW community.

      If Lisa Marie was truly worried about bettering the community, more than lining her pockets with club money, she would be accepting of everyone and try to lead by example in a way that gains respect. Lying about who you are to make yourself look better or bullying people who stand up for what’s right is just plain shameful. I speak for admirable BBW’s everywhere when I say that I don’t want someone like her representing the BBW community, period!

  2. Desiree I am so glad that you have the balls to stand up against that two faced bitch! I couldnt agree more with you on the issue..Ive known Lisa Marie for a very long time…As a matter of fact she got me into the porn biz! “How?” you ask? She had me model on her site…from there I branched out on my own. But that site is her baby! Not only did she used to model, and owns that site, but she used to escort too!! Funny how for someone with that kind of checkered past, she sure does snub her nose at the adult industry!

    If she was at least honest about her ways, I would have no problem with her playing the lead voice in the bbw community..But seriously, judging others for what you have done in the past is just fucked up, and makes you a nobody but a poser..If she was truly serious about changing herslef for the better, step one would be to admit that she too has done, what a lot of BBW’s are proud to do and have done!

    There is no shame in what we do..Its sad that she cant be proud and represent her old modeling/porn days..instead she feels the need to sweep it all under the rug..

    Remember this Lisa: You can never change your past! Sadly for you Doll, to many ppl know your checkered past, and I am sure they all have no problem telling it to the world..

  3. Anonymous BBW

    I hate Lisa Marie with a serious passion. I am sickened daily by the shit I hear about her. I don’t care about what she does but reading the blog you posted about the dr phil show pisses me right the fuck off.

    Lisa is more than a hypocrite she is evil manipulative and spiteful and should get half as much shit as she has caused.
    Grr I cant even think of the words to describe how I feel about her.

    Lisa is a fucking whore ass bbw porn peddling cunt. and I know because she made me per protege. I took her old clients, I was one of her number one bunnies and she peddled my fat ass to promote her club and then when she became single and realized she created a monster in me she told everyone I was a hooker, I did dope, I had an std etc… She posted my ” bad ” pics on her site and she or someone who knows her posted ads on cl saying I was hooking when I was home with my family.

    Yes I was an escort back in the day, I don’t deny that, but she made a total spectacle of me and had me escorted out of her club and said i was soliciting clients in her club ( all lies) point is I fucking hate her. So you following up with this bitch and her holier than thou attitude is making me LOVE YOU!!

    You should call dr phil call the show and publicly embarrass her the way she did me and others, including you.

  4. OMG – amazing. You know, her friend Jennygirl tried to settle a dispute she and I had over her displaying my content on her old bunny’s site without permission or any licensing. I had left numerous messages for her to contact me about the “obvious mix up” until it became evident she didn’t give a shit. Then when I finally got her on the phone, she acted like a batshit crazy schoolgirl – you’re so right.

    Hypocrite, bullshit artist, and whackjob. Good for you contacting them directly. I’ll do the same.

    BTW, I should say that while Jennigirl was nice enough to explain it was a mixup, Ms Bunny McNutjob pretty much foamed at the mouth about the audacity of a professional photographer asking for his intellectual property to be removed or compensated for.

    A note to the people flocking to her defense:

    – You’re unaware of Lisa’s sociopathic tendencies, because she just hasn’t directed them towards you yet. She has an uncontrollable impulse issue, combined with an inability to learn from past mistakes. She surrounds herself with people who shower her with praise, and she creates a fantasy land to exist in, inviting you all to join in as well. When the bubble bursts, it’s because someone came along and assertively pointed out that she’s subject to the same rules and scrutiny as everyone else. It is at THIS moment, that she goes apeshit and transforms her grandiose sense of self-worth, into something much more sinister…and pathetic.

    Reminds me of Kathleen Divine. You all remember her right? Yeah, amazing how these two are essentially the same person. Look, I gain nothing by calling her out, other than the knowledge that some of you might stop drinking her Kool-Aide and just be comfortable in your own skin, without her “guidance”.

  5. Really good write up Desiree, thank you for letting me know about that, I wasn’t aware of this story. I was wondering why the her website content went away, though.
    It’s quite sad, actually. Yeah, it’s quite sad when someone doesn’t have the balls to stand by its own history and life. But to even criticize and look down on other people is shameful.
    I hope Dr. Phil (not the coolest show I must say, but anyway LOL) asks the hard questions and consider your message. He probably won’t, but let’s hope.

  6. Lisa Marie should know better than to come out in the public eye with skeletons in her closet. If we look at “leaders” not only in the BBW community but in politics, entertainment and so on… the ones who are smart put all their past out in the open for everyone to see so no one can “dig” anything up.

    She is a hypocrite of the highest order and I’ve lost all respect for her. I’ve seen her porn, her girl/girl stuff was hot, lmao.

    From what I understand, she has pissed many, many people off as she shoved her way to what she thinks is the top. She is one of the most vain, self absorbed human beings I’ve ever seen. She says she represent the community but if you go to any of her networking pages, everything from the text to the pics are her and her alone (for the most part). Sure she throws in pics of others every now and then but they are all people in her “click”.

    When she started in the so called “club business”, she was the bbw porn star that was used to draw people in. She was just eye candy. Just because you promote a little club doesn’t make you a super star. Her grandiose views of herself is all in her head. I think it’s amusing that her and Cher Rue started Club Bounce but all the sudden Cher is erased and Lisa Marie takes all the credit. Sounds fishy to me. I don’t know that particular story but for business partners to part ways like that, something foul must have happened. Erasing Cher like that is totally inexcusable, even if they aren’t working together anymore, give credit where it’s due.

    I haven’t been to Club Bounce in several months now. When I last went, I didn’t see any hot BBW. There was no style and class. It was a lot of ghetto mongers who like to cause trouble. How is this club representative of the BBW community? It’s not. I went to their “reopening” just to see if she cleaned it up. It was the exact same people just dressed up… style and class?? LMAO

    Pride comes before a fall Lisa Marie. You’ve burnt too many bridges to really get ahead. You may get some money now, but don’t count on it forever. Too many people dislike you but are too afraid to come out and say it. Thanks Desiree for bringing all this out.

  7. wow talk about drama… either way CLUB BOUNCE sucks, it’s GHETTO. When I went I actually felt my IQ was being lowered but from the lack of bbw clubs in my area I continued to go. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some chick giving a hand job or BJ on the dance floor or in the parking lot of the club but now I understand it must have been one of Lisa’s drones working. Best believe they will not be getting another dollar of my fat ass shaking money.

  8. Oh well, you know, she is going out into a world of people some of whom doubt the idea of evolution. So it’s not enough for those people to say, “I did one thing at one time, and I do a different thing now, because something changed,” oh no, the past is a sin you have to rope up on a stake to burn.

    Sad how so many people claim to be free of that stuff, only to replicate it in other ways.

    For myself, given the things that I am doing and studying and thinking about, all this is yet another example of this question about the broken state of education about sexuality in much of our culture and the need for what the hard-core would call a revolutionary rupture, and some honest discussion about what we want to teach everyone about healthy sex and its role in human betterment – a much different thing than either most pornography or the head-in-the-sand tactics of the sex-phobic.

    Needless to say, I don’t hold my breath for revolutionary ruptures from Doctor Phil, but there are things which could be done, on the premise of the health context he seeks to occupy. Someone in the fat community should bring up on his show the findings correlating negative emotions to impaired health, and make it clear that this might be a lot of what is happening with fat people as an epidemiological whole. I’m not sure Lisa Marie would take the opportunity to do this, but one can always hope.

    • desireedevine

      I completely agree in evolution and applaud those who can make a change in life, stand up and be proud of the changes that they’ve made and the hard work they’ve put in. It’s actually very sad to say that that’s not the case here.

      I have nothing but respect for someone who can transform who they are for the greater good. Lisa Marie hasn’t transformed, she has covered up, lied, bullied and done much worse to make herself into to something she will never be, a true leader. Leaders lead by example, truth and courage not by deceit, lies and bullying!

      • For someone who is non-judgmental…you sure do spend a lot of time judging her. It’s very sad! Who gives a shit if she no longer models on an adult website? Seriously! I don’t think it would matter what Lisa Marie said or did…you are determined to hate her and make her life miserable. What are you hoping to gain? Do you think hurting someone is going to help the bbw community? Ever hear the phrase, “Live and let live”?

  9. I think it’s very telling that she’s not associated with the BBW Bash in Vegas. That is the single LARGEST event for BBW in the world and if Lisa Marie is supposed to represent all of us, why isn’t she doing a club night or event at the bash?

    Notice lots of other clubs and organizations are making an appearance and her and her club is left completely out. Wonder why that is???

  10. First of all, you, Desiree have done good. You headed the movement to get BBW adult models into adult con. Second, Dr. Phil is an idiot and of course he has to pick the creme of the creme of dumbasses to go on his show. Thirdly, it would be less of an issue if she didn’t try to cover up her porn past. You should always stick by what you do, good or bad, especially when the time comes that you are in the spotlight. Lastly, it’s so telling of her character since her split with Cher who is a magnicifant BBW doing bigger and better things, the fact that Club Bounce is now ghetto as hell, and that she is not hosting an event at the bash. Why don’t people see that? I have seen her behavior from a friends’ email and this bitch is a drama seeker and causer. She should not by any means represent us!!! If she goes on the show as the “voice of the BBW community”, guess what folks? She’s going to give us ALL a bad name and set us back and our efforts for positivity, size acceptance, and manistream acceptance will be for NOTHING. I have no respect for this lady or the things she is involved with and I will definately lose all the more repsect for the Dr. Phil show which is already on my “suck” list. It’s one thing to try to “cover up” your porn past. But it’s even WORSE when you misrepresent yourself and a whole community!! Remember, they booker her to represent us on national TV! WTF? We need to do something!

  11. If Dr Phil wants someone with credentials he should talk to Cher Rue. Cher is a wonderful and articulate person. Lisa is a high school psycho. I felt like I was at a mean girls party when I was at Bounce. Cher gave a helping hand to Lisa when she needed it and all she got in return is to be screwed over completely by her. It’s all about Lisa, there is no room in her world for the rest of us

  12. You obviously don’t know her personally. If you did you wouldn’t put her through this. Since when is moving on with your life a crime? If you are going to make these statements you should back them up. Please post a link to where Lisa denounces BBWs in the adult industry. If you have a personal issue with her, why not talk to her directly? Do you really think you are helping anyone? It seems like you are enjoying the attention and having fun at someone else’s expense. Anyone willing to take on the rest of society on behalf of us big girls should be applauded not ridiculed.

    What would you like her to do? What would satisfy you? Is she supposed to say a disclaimer about her prior jobs every time she is interviewed? Should there be a nude homage to her former lifestyle on the front of the bounce website? Come on…you are only doing this to be vindictive because she banned you for talking shit about the club…the fact that you are a hooker or do adult work has nothing to do with it and you know it! You met her a few times at the club….how can you say you know the real Lisa? And yes…before you say it…I am a friend of Lisa Marie…she has always been a genuine friend and to watch this happen to her is simply outrageous. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m not a lackey, just someone who can’t stand to watch this any longer.

    I’m sure you won’t get the point of this message or stop this idiotic crusade for vengeance. But please know that you DO NOT speak for the entire BBW community as a whole.

    There will always be people out there that hate, and seek to destroy those they are jealous of. It’s a fact of life and one that I’m sure Lisa has gotten used to. You are naive if you think Lisa is hiding anything from anyone LMAO

    • desireedevine

      I actually do know Lisa Marie (LM) personally, that is why I know I’m doing the right thing of exposing her fraud. This is not about what LM has done in the adult industry, it’s about the kind of person she is. If LM was a good, sincere, giving, honest person there would be no reason to call her out. LM puts herself out there to look like a saint when really she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What people that don’t know her fail to see is what she’s done to get where she is.

      I can name countless people that she has wronged in order to become this so called “Power Plus Woman”, but I have chosen to leave their names out of it. LM has denounced adult work to me personally and as it seems has removed all of her written thoughts from online, smart move I might add. However there is no lack of people willing to tell about their experience with her and all of these people can’t be telling the same lie.

      It’s great that LM has been a good friend to you, I’m sure you haven’t done anything to get on her bad side where you would see her true colors. Being banned from her club is probably one of the best things she could’ve ever done for me, I want nothing to do with a club that has constant violence. My shit talking, btw, was reposting a newspaper article on Myspace. Besides, WHO CARES if someone talks shit about a club? People talk shit about McDonalds everyday and don’t get banned from the establishment, what kind of business sense is that? People who STAB people in your club should be ban, come on now.

      I have no reason to be jealous or “hate” on LM. Again, I have nothing to gain by calling her out. The best thing for LM to do is stop talking down on people, stop being vindictive and bullying people and to stop being petty and immature. That is what I would like to see from LM. Moving on and bettering your life is great, I applaud those that do, but not those who do it at the expense of others.

  13. So my dear Desiree ,
    You are 100% correct she can not see anyone better looking than her or better yet sexier than her so that is why she BECOMES A HATER , people like that are so self centers and and very GEOULOUS why who knowes , may be is becusae they don’t have no class like you do .

  14. I feel sorry for all of those standing up for lisa marie..because clearly havent seen what kind of monster she is..yet..

    Des’s goal isnt to fuck Lisa Over..Clearly all those attacking Des arnt reading the article in whole and catching her point! Your heads are shoved so far up lisa’s ass you cant see the light!

    Lisa doesnt need to announce her past in every thing she does..thats not the point..The point is this: dont go around acting like your shit dont stink and your perfect..Dont go around denounceing porn , eracing your past, and look down your nose at others for doing what you used to do in the past! Then turn around and call yourself the voice of the bbw community.. Thats the point..Do you need me to spell it out for you??

    If shes moved on in her life and tried to better herself, then great! Kudos to her! But still doesnt give her the right to start drama and act like shes all that and a bag of chips..When in reality shes just the crinkle in the bag..

    The goal of Des’s blog was to let the world and Dr Phil know not to bring her on the show to represent us..instead seek some one else to be our voice instead (like someone said Cher Rue)..Not to Ruin Lisas life..Lisa can go and go sucks rocks for all we care..We just dont want someone whos a huge hypocrite representing the bbw community..We as a whole have worked hard to bring a good name to the bbw community..Do we really want to fuck up all of our work by sending Lisa Marie on the show? Hasnt she done enough damage? clear enough for ya?

  15. Sorry MY Dear Desiree she is SO SO STUCK UP can not see anyone more beautifull than her , here you BABE

  16. I do find it amazing that not only has LMG or Bbw Britney still has such a loyal gang of henchmen that she is still able to maintain her false image as a “community” supporter. As one who has seen her wrath up-close and personnaly I can attest that she will eventually find her skelletons will outnumber her friends sooner than later.

  17. Her name is Lisa Marie Ferguson.

    • StraightUpNowTellMe

      You should just call her LISA, in fact Ms. “I’m related to Greta Garbo” is actually a Ferguson! I know this for a fact. She cannot even own her own self she has to create and recreate herself because even SHE realizes her real self doesn’t measure up. Representative? Not of ME I am comfortable with my curves and who I am and the mistakes I have made and anything that adds up to the person I am. I can speak for myself and would NEVER want a fake, self serving person like Lisa Ferguson speaking for me!

      Did anyone see the article where she said she created the club and I QUOTE “to create a world where I AM the shit!” The club should be about the sexy BBWs who come to it, not the promoter loading her pockets with their money! Yes we pay money to support the world she created so she could be the shit! Shame.

  18. So whatever happened to Cher anyway?

    • Cher trusted LM and she got the shaft. Cher helped LM with her image, self esteem, and the club from the get go. LM took the club away from Cher on a legal technicality and then proceeded to erase any mention of Cher from everything. It’s like 1984, she changes history to suit her. Cher is doing great, working on a ton of projects, looking great, and probably relieved that she doesn’t have to deal with LM on a regular basis

      • I see her at the Butterfly Lounge, another BBW club owned by Kathleen Divine. How funny that in one article (I forget which source) but she mentioned that Bounce is the “only one of it’s kind”… only one of what? Not BBW clubs because there’s one that’s been around longer than her.

  19. Fuck Bounce and the wack ass bitches who go there! Where are the really HOT BBW’s at???

  20. The Archway Princess

    I can’t believe that it has taken 7 years for someone to finally expose the “Hooker of the Queen Mary” for the vile tramp she is. I also fell prey to her lies and deceit. My girlfriend Topaz LaDai even got her onto the cover of Big Butt Magazine and Lisa Marie had a fit and started bad mouthing her once she found out I had done some private photos with her, that I was her stylist and that we were best of friends.

    I did many, many nice things for her. She played like she was bisexual so that I would continue to shower her with gifts. I bought her a necklace, diamond slide, a diamond ring, a stereo for her car, a gym membership and work out clothes… when she was “tired of being fat”, I paid for the slim tea she asked for. Yes Darlin Lisa Marie had a sugarmomma. We went to dinner at the Queen Mary, then she left me in my hotel room by myself. I cried many times over her until a few of my friends (Tori, Topaz and PowerBosom) helped me to understand that I had been used not because I was too nice, but because she was too evil.

    The things said are here true. She was a prostitute, she did lesbian scenes (that’s how I found her), she does denounce porn as if she’s too good, she denounces anyone that doesn’t act like her puppet. She may have removed her nudie pictures, and changed some of the things online, but she can’t change what she has done and the people she has hurt.

    What comes around goes around Darlin’! I have all the pictures to prove it!


  21. Whatever past conflicts may have erupted between event organizers – and they happen with such regularity as to make me wonder some days if Cointelpro is afoot – whatever violent incident had the miserable luck to happen, I would ask those writing here in support of Lisa to take a deep breath and impress upon her that she may soon be in the position of being able to say many things to a large audience, and that she may want to consider resisting the temptation to be tracked into conforming with everything Dr Phil expects, and that with a limited slice of time it is far more important to get at questions of discrimination, empowerment and health, and if questions of sex come up to bring her best and most joyful ideas about it rather than catalogue perceived errors on the part of others. Yes, portraying fat people as sexy is great, but I do get the feeling that the media find it useful to stay there and not go much deeper into all we’re attempting to do.

    None of us is always the ideal we wish we were. Indeed few of us are most of the time, and I don’t count myself as one of them by a long shot.

    I will say it was a moment of humor last night, as this was braking out, to see Zik putting up a spinoff site headlined by his intro video on BODacious in which Lisa appears (as well as Cher, back when their alliance was active).

  22. I think we should all try to find out when Dr Phil is taping..and as a huge group go and meet at the station the day hes tapeing her and boycott!!! and maybe even they will let us in as part of the audiance so we can shed some light on her deceitful ass!

  23. Moved away from the drama for a reason

    You FINALLY exposed the wicked witch of Bounce! This bitch is so two faced, she doesn’t know which one she had on first! She tried to get me to model for her site as well, but it’s a piece of shit and I didn’t want to be associated with it. After I declined her offer, the rumors started flying!!!! She’d smile in my face and talk crap behind my back! Anyhoo, I think we ALL should write Dr. Phil, telling him how much of an efing bitch she is!

  24. You know… There are many other promoters who run dances all over the country and have been for years club bounce was ever conceived and these other promoters are adult bbw website owners. Look at BABS and Heavenly Bodies on the East Coast just to name a few, and they are hot beds for their website girls.

    They have never once renounced who they are and what they do. So why is it necessary for this woman to do sweep her pornographic past under the rug? With porn actresses going so mainstream now you would think she would have used that to her advantage.

    The best part of this post is how she arbitrarily bans people from her night club. Just a few months ago I recall having read a blog on her myspace page how she was outraged about a club bouncer not letting her into a mainstream club she was at to supposedly meet with the owner to discuss business and laughing her and her friend out of the line. She was about ready to start some revolution about that I nearly laughed myself out of my chair with that shit. LOL was too funny.

  25. Moved away from the drama for a reason

    Has anyone wondered if this Outraged person is actually Lisa Marie? LOL

  26. BigTitBBWLover

    She must have had her site blocked from the wayback machine, because it’s gone now. According to their FAQ, you can place a file on your site to block Wayback from archiving it, which I guess is what she did.

    Another piece of evidence scrubbed away.

    You are one hot and sexy babe, Desiree, so keep doing your thing. The fact that so many people on here have no use for LM shows what kind of wreckage she has left behind her. I’ve known people like her, and when I can point to a string of people who have been wronged by them, I know it was *them*, not me.

  27. yoooo lisa marie iz crazy how u gonna tell somebody not to work in the industry if u did the same thing lolz that’s messed!

  28. wow! lisa marie got told!

  29. wow desiree u got on that botch!!! lolz hahahahaha tooo funny!

  30. Wow, I am an East coaster here and I was looking forward to making it out to LA and going to Bounce. After what I read here I doubt I will be going there. Butterfly lounge here I come Thanks Desiree for posting this.

  31. Lisa Marie Ferguson is the definition of scum. I witnessed the rise and fall of her imaginary “empire” from start to finish. The fact that she is representing anything, other than perhaps a group of washed up hookers is beyond me. But of course, we are talking about Dr. Phil here. He’s not the brightest bulb in the room and I’m sure if she made it, those two would have plenty of worthless things to kiss each others ass about. In any event… the bitch lost her self-proclaimed crown long ago and she is probablly worth about as much as the toilet paper that we wipe our asses with. Live in the comfort of knowing that a crack whore has a better life than she does. ‘Nuff Said!

  32. Lisa Marie and Jodi Cruz are stuck up stanky bitches!! I for one would not be sad to see Bounce burn down into a pile of rubble!

  33. Wow this was very interesting read. I am almost postive this is the same Lisa I knew like 15-16 years ago, briefly, and I have to agree with the author of this blog on her perception of Lisa. Thanks for some interesting reading.
    Take care. Cy

  34. hahahahaha, i have that BigButt magazine with her on the cover!!! I bought here, in Brazil, long time ago!!!

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