Fan Fav #1!

The fact is, is that I get a ridiculous amount of email every day. I try to read most of it, but it’s generally all the same redundant sleazy comments. Though ever once in a while one catches my eye. The following message came to me via Facebook and I liked it because of the detail in which it was written. It is kinda lengthy, but I hope you like it as much as I did!

My darling, Pardon me if you find this offensive but I’m trying to exercise my talent in writing and still show you how I will love you if you give me the chance.

Thinking of you this morning and looking at your photos on facebook brought my dick to full attention and yes I must admit I had to rub it while I look at your beautiful face. Just imagine that we are together now in my place and we are in the bathroom now. I leave the bathroom and lock the bedroom door. I come back to you and seeing the look of passion in your eyes and the anticipation, I embrace you in a tender loving kiss, pulling you closer as our kiss heightens our arousals. Our tongues dancing between each others mouths. My hands caress your back under your shirt and move up and unhook your bra. My hands slide under your arms and raise them so I can hike up your shirt over your head but not before I give your nipples a little squeeze. They are instantly taut and perky. I return the favor and remove my shirt too. We go back to our passionate kissing pulling each other in close so our chests rub against each other. You love the feeling of my chest hair rubbing against your breasts. Both our hands caressing each others back side and asses pulling ever so closer. I turn you around. I nibble on your neck as my hands wrap around you and begin to fondle your breasts. Your taut nipples sliding through my fingers. Your butt hard pressed against my throbbing manhood. I work each breast, making sure to give pleasure to both. I can feel the passion welling up with in you. My one hand drops down caressing your belly and moves down to the top of your low riding pants. My fingers begin exploring down your pants but they are too tight for me to get down in there. I feel you pull your belly in to make room for my fingers. They move down more into your panties as I can feel the top of your lovely pubic region. You breath in again and my fingers move into your wetness as they slide through your lips. I retract my hand and unbutton your pants, spreading them at the zipper. I must reach down in there one more time before I remove your pants. I pull your pants down as your undies follow with your pants. Your hands are holding you up on the bathroom sink counter as you leave me to my task. I help you remove one leg at a time out of your fallen pants. Darling you are so wet I can barely control myself. I feverishly remove my pants and underwear. The sight of my erection causes you more stirrings and anticipation. You reach out and caress it and then bend over and take him in your mouth. Licking him and moving up and down, almost choking. I sit you back on the sink counter and have you move your sweet butt to the counters edge. I kneel down before you and have you place your legs over my shoulders as you spread your legs wide enough for my head to squeeze in there. My fingers playing delicately with your lips as I kiss your inner thighs and my tongue moves closer. Just as I reach your aching pussy, I move by as my nose tip runs through you wet lips and I move past to kiss your other inner thigh. My fingers moving back in to keep you excited which I must add is not very hard at this point. MY nose moves back in between your legs and slowly circles around you lips and as I move it up higher on you to your clit, my tongue comes out and begins to lick you. Just little darts into your wet opening trying to penetrate you slowly and sensually. Your pussy is on fire, your clit totally erect and protruding and my licks become more vigorous. Your breathing getting heavier but shallow deep breaths. You run you hands through my hair, pulling me in closer so my tongue can get in you as deep as it can go. In and out, licking your clit, twirling around and with a deep final moan, scream you orgasm. I leave my tongue in you still as you shake feverishly until you have to push my tongue and head away from your sensitivity. You pull me up and we kiss. You are still shaking with pleasure. With your hand around my neck, I once again pull you closer to the edge of the counter. I take my dick and begin to rub him up and down your swollen lips. You lean back still holding the back of my neck the fire returning to your pussy. You are moaning again and I slowly insert my cock, just a little bit at a time. My methods are beyond words for you except for the looks of intense love and want in your and my eyes. The deeper I go into you the more I have to get on my toes so I can attain as much depth as I can. The full thrusts begin slowly, in very deep and then slowly withdraw. In deep, then slow withdrawal. Our breathing begins to change, the sighs are upon us. The thrusts become more vigorous and very deep. Our rhythm beginning to have its desired effects. We are panting heavily, the thrusts deep and our blood rushes to our organs and As I feel your orgasm, I unleash my own, the hot semen filling your love canal. My pumping remains deep as i unload into you and finally I am pushed in all i can go as we ride out our orgasm. I think I felt you have another orgasm. The sweat is running off our bodies. We have all we can do to remain in position. We become almost lifeless while we catch our breath.

All I can say is wow… hot… now I’m off to masturbate!

2 responses to “Fan Fav #1!

  1. WOW!!! yeah that would put anyone in a mood. hehehe better make a call and break some guy off seriously

  2. Speaking as a writer this is rather well produced. Funny, I was preparing an article on how men don’t know how to write proper love letters any more. I guess I was wrong, one still clearly has the knack. Tell him to send it to Nexus or something of the like.

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