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Kelly Shibari’s “Open Letter to Any Plus Size Women Wanting to Get into XXX”

My posts these days are few and far between, as my life has changed in vast ways, but I wanted to share this specific post. It’s long yet informative. Kelly Shibari and I have not always seen eye to eye, but she has a lot of good knowledge about our industry.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with everything Kelly has written, I agree with the premise. XXX is a brutal industry that will forever alter your future. If you are not FULLY equipped with the facts, then you should NOT go down the XXX road. If you are looking to get into the industry because you want the attention, great, but know that attention comes at a price. If you are not prepared to pay the price, move along.

One thing that is important to note is that the industry has changed greatly. We are no longer in the internet BOOM. There are so many free porn sites it’s ridiculous and people no longer pay for solo sites unless you have something unique that people simply can’t find elsewhere, which is a rarity.

If you chose the adult path after you are fully aware of what it entails, then I wish you ALL the luck in the world. It will not be an easy path and it will require a lot of hard work if you want it to be profitable. In my career I made a lot of money, but I also started back when more companies shot BBW and the market had not yet been saturated. I also escorted and was a pro domme for many years, which is where I made the bulk of my money. Porn gave me a name and allowed me to charge more for my time. I do not for a second regret my career in the adult industry and though I am a retired performer I still have a fondness for the industry itself and I may not be done. Adult work has made a lot of great things in my life possible, but it has come with its fair share of drama as well.

I wish you all the best in whatever decision you choose.

An Open Letter to Any Plus Size Women Wanting to Get into XXX

June 3, 2014 at 9:01am

I receive a lot of letters, FB messages, Twitter posts and DMs from plus size ladies wishing to get into the adult industry. I’ve responded to each in a similar way, but the letter below combines all of them in one place – (1) to save me time responding to each letter, and (2) because the response is the same 99% of the time:


I really cannot assist anyone trying to get into the adult industry.
There simply is not enough work in this industry, especially as a BBW, to make this a career. It doesn’t pay your bills. It just won’t.
In addition, when you ever decide to retire, you will have “former adult performer” in your background – which, before the Internet, wasn’t an issue. But now, it’s a very real issue. You won’t be able to get “real world” work unless you only work as a freelance worker. You’ll never be able to get a corporate job, be able to work in any line of work that involves people under the age of 18, and you’ll be stigmatized. You’ll lose your “friends,” potentially your family, and even the people in the industry who will pretend to be your “friends” to get you in? Trust me – it’s a means to get themselves work. The minute you start getting more work without them? You’ll be ignored, hated, and cast aside. It’s all about competition and ego, you see – you’re an asset if you can help THEM get work (“We can do a scene together!” is nothing more than “If I can bring you to so-and-so company, it means I can get work too!”). The minute you can’t, they could care less about you.
I say this not as a way to be mean. I’m just being honest.
Out of the many, MANY plus size performers who are, and were, in the industry, how many do you know? How many are in the press? How many appear to have “made it?” 2? 3? Would it surprise you to know that out of those few, ALL of them do not make a living out of JUST being an adult performer? That ALL of us actually pay our bills by doing other work? The girls who do make money living off of adult performing as plus size performers – they do so because they also escort.
The going rate for most plus size performing work:
Solo – $150 – $200
G/G – $200 – $300
B/G – $300 – $400
Most plus size companies don’t even bother with anything beyond these kinds of scenes. Most plus size companies will try to get you to do multiple scenes as a package deal – 1 solo, 1 blow job scene, 1 B/G scene – for $500 – $600 flat. If you break it down, you see how little you’re making per scene. And they won’t pay for travel or lodging.
On top of that, the average lifespan of work in xxx for plus size performers is less than 6 months. The reason? There aren’t that many legitimate companies in the industry who do plus size porn (4? 5 tops?)…and with the number of girls available, and coming in, and the sheer nature of porn as a whole being the desire to have variety – the fact is, once you’ve made your rounds to do a set of scenes for each company, they won’t want/need you again for another few months, if ever. You can’t depend on that sort of irregular income stream to pay bills.
Membership sites do not make money. I personally do not own one for this very reason. Most plus size adult performers with membership sites make $50-$100 a month – and that’s after putting in the effort to turn out photo sets, video updates, every single week. You spend more money than you make. My PaddedKINK site, that won awards? It made $300-$400 a month at its height – and it was all created with content trade shoots. It made just enough to pay for itself, and nothing in the way of profit – which means it didn’t pay my living expenses. Not even close.
Merchandising? What sort of merchandising? Branded sex toys make us about 2-10% commission per unit sold – which, again, makes less than $100 a month if you’re lucky. Most companies don’t pay for the initial branding buyout – it’s assumed it’s a branding win/win. You only make money if a product sells – and a commission from that. If a product sells for $30, and you’re only making $3 commission per unit at 10%, and $0.60 at 2% – you can do the math. It’s not like you’re selling thousands of units per month either, giving the current economic climate. And how many “branded” products by plus size performers do you know?
The work I’m currently doing – the work everyone is talking about – is a result of 7 years of work, of not being able paying my bills, of cashing out my IRA, of living in rented rooms rather than houses. It’s ALL branding. It’s not profit. Trust me on this. The reason I can even afford to do things and travel to conventions, etc, is because of the PR and Marketing work I do. That’s what pays my bills, and how I can live the way I do these days.
Don’t get me wrong – I love the work I do. But the returns of my investment isn’t financial. I’ve lost friends. I’ve had a hard time dating. I also know I’m an anomaly – I have a supportive family, and I’ve always been freelance. I’ve never had to deal with corporate shame. But I’ve also been through my personal hell on other levels that I’ll rarely let show to the public – though I’m now stronger for it.
If I only relied on my performing work? I’d be homeless.
My current performing rate has gone up to be similar to mainstream girls only after 7 years of work, and proving to companies that I will put in the time and effort to promote every project they put me in. My worth isn’t just from performing – it’s my added PR and Marketing background and exposure. It’s a lot of additional, unpaid work to make it worth it for companies to invest the extra money in me to even be considered for the same rate as mainstream performers. And even at that? I do maybe 3 films a year.
Sorry for the blunt nature of this letter. But people see what adult performers do, the media attention they get, are inspired to do the same – and I have to be honest about the reality of the work.
If you’re interested in gaining confidence, please do so with photo shoots for your own collection. Maybe try some webcamming to see how that might be – it’ll be a great way to see the ROI on the work you put in to entertain fans. If after that, you want to try to get into xxx, please go in knowing all of the inherent risks – and that it might be more about work, and your life during and after it, than it ever will be about STDs.
Good luck.

Insatiable Me!

So as of lately my sex drive has been insatiable… I can’t seem to get enough, seriously, I’m insanely horny ALL the time! I have been masturbating like a savage beast, 2 to 3 times a day, but that doesn’t even curb the throbbing sensation in my pussy. I thought that when I had my hysterectomy last May that it would help a bit, but no such luck. The worst part is when I get texts or calls from guys that I just want to mount and ride like Seabiscuit.

The other day one of my close friends with AMAZING benefits, sent me a very HOT video of him masturbating to one of my movies and cumming all over my picture… imagine how salacious I became after that! I watch him jack off to me EVERY TIME I get a moment alone. I watch the video so much I have it down to perfect timing. The video is 1 minute long and I watch it through 2 times… by the 2nd time I see him cum I have the most INTENSE orgasm and cum so hard I feel it drip down my ass crack. I have used my bullet so much in the last week I’ve had to replace the batteries twice, thank you Costco for buying in bulk.

The best part is when I’m laying on my back and I slide the bullet in between my pussy lips, I slowly turn it from low to high and squeeze my thighs tight to hold it in place, I begin to rub my nipples softly and move slowly while the pressure from my thighs make the bullet press down on my clit. 2 minutes are all it takes for me to cum to the thought of a big cock thrusting inside of me until it blows its load deep in me, it pulsates inside while I squeeze out every last drop… he pulls out slowly and it begins again.

Shooting for BBW Buffet!

Today I did my first shoot with Reenaye Starr for! It was the first time I have done a shoot for a feeder site, but I had a good time! I REALLY enjoyed working with Reenaye and her business partner. I also had a lot of fun doing my sets with Platinum Puzzy… it was at some points VERY difficult to keep a straight face, lol!

Here’s a pic that was taken by Platinum of Reenaye shooting me… good times!

I’m not sure when the first set will be posted on the site, but I will definitely keep y’all up to date.

I am heading off in the morning to shoot for! It’s been quite awhile since I last shot for them, but I’m sure it’ll be fun… I’ll post a pic from the shoot on my twitter so make sure you check in…!

As always… thank you all SO MUCH for all of your LoVe and support! TTYS

East Coast Tour 2012

If you’re wondering if the rumors are true about Platinum Puzzy and I doing an East Coast Tour are true or not, let me help clarify… YES, it’s true! Plat and I have teamed up once again and are making our way up the East Coast. We are starting off our tour here in Jacksonville, Fl and eventually ending back in Las Vegas, with MANY stops along the way! I am going to list the first half of the dates below for the month of August and later I will post an update with September dates.

August 2012 Dates

1-3 Jacksonville, FL
3-5 Tampa, FL
5-8 Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
8-10 Orlando, FL
10-14 Atlanta, GA
14-17 Raleigh/Durham, NC
17-21 Norfolk, VA
21-31 DC/NY

For scheduling, calendar, Q&A and donation information please refer to!

For booking please email me at
Two girl sessions and discounts for extended time is available.

The map below shows all the cities we will stop in, cross-country dates are to be determined and will be posted within the next week.

We look forward to seeing you during our travels!

Reppin BBW!

Since I have been getting back into the swing of things and have been becoming more involved in the BBW world I have noticed a lot of things that have just really, for lack of a better term, repulsed me. Now these are just things that I have observed and experienced personally. The things I will talk about in this blog will be based solely on my own personal views and opinions. This blog will offend a few, but hey… honestly is my policy! I’ll say it right off the top… I’m not trying to be a bitch or insult anyone, I’m just describing my observations and sharing my opinions. With that said… let’s do this!

First and foremost I recognize that the world looks at the BBW industry as a niche. I also understand that most companies are mainstream and therefore focus their attention on the skinny, mainstream models. Because of this the quality of mainstream work is much better and sets the bar to very high standards. There are a few companies in the BBW realm who have met those mainstream standards, Sensational Video and Score just to name a couple, and they noticeably continuously strive for better. The majority of the other companies that shoot BBW content definitely do not even attempt to compete with mainstream standards as it’s just simply not in the budget.

With knowing that BBW is already looked at in such a way that it’s hardly recognized as a legitimate part of the industry makes me that much more adamant that the people who represent for the industry should do so in a fashion that holds up to the mainstream standards. Let me give a few examples, for instance… since a picture is worth a thousand words, below is an example of something people might remember for mainstream and then from BBW. Now which one would leave a lasting impression for you? The skinny girl who dressed like a Canary or the big broad who DIDN’T WEAR SHOES on the red carpet? I think the answer is clear.

Example #2
I recently attended an event where vendors where promoting and selling various things as I came across a booth that was promoting for an event concerning BBW models and what not. Now when I think of BBW models I think of pretty girls looking there absolute best. I think of outfits, hair, makeup and fun accessories… so imagine my dismay when I walked up to the booth and saw the organizer running it wearing a night-gown (I knew it instantly as I have the same one) with messy hair and no makeup. Really??? Is that the quality of model you want to show the world is going to be attending your event? My mother has more style and I don’t think she’s changed her hair or wore a stitch of makeup in over 20 years! Come on now…

Example #3
Social media: Now social media is a mess in all aspects, period. I have read Facebook and twitter feeds from all types of entertainers that makes you want to throw out your computer, leave western civilization and become a Buddhist monk. I have also noticed that the successful mainstream girls keep it light and fun with minimum drama… there’s always gotta be some drama, let’s be real. For the most part though, they stick to keeping their followers happy with sexy pics and interesting blurbs. Now on the other hand when I read my fellow BBW colleagues tweets I usually just shake my head in disbelief or quit reading as it too painful to go on. There’s so much animosity and contempt between girls that timelines are full of shit talking, cryptic messages and personal info that really needs to stay personal. I cannot lie and say I am not guilty of the occasional shit talking or cryptic message, but I can guarantee they are few and far between and will never fill someones feed with continuously spewed bullshit. It’s truly shocking that some girls even have fans who follow them when at any point in time they can be subjected to, or even the subject of, a serious rant or tongue lashing. I think the most disturbing though is the ratchet ghettoness of someone talking about sucking dick and making her pussy cum immediately followed by many pics of her several children. Seriously? I am all about being proud of your family, but seriously? Not the time nor place.

Example #4
This example again hits on the animosity and contempt that runs between women in our industry. Below is the exact PRIVATE text that I had personally sent someone after having enough with her shenanigans…

“Hey xxxxxxxx, this is Desiree. I tried to call you but there was no answer. I am going to ask you one time nicely to please keep my name out of your mouth. I have now had 3 people come tell me that you have mentioned my name and I don’t appreciate it. I don’t know you very well but you have quite a reputation and from what I can tell, it precedes you. I am not the kind of person that will talk behind your back, you will always know what I have to say first hand. I do not in any way shape or form be associated with you. To be associated with you is to be associated with bad business and drama. xxxxx also made it clear that he didn’t want to be associated with you but yet you choose to try to use his event to promote your own, grimy. As of this moment we have no beef but if you keep on, we will. Good luck to you.”

The following day several comments pop up on her public timeline and are forwarded to me accusing me of “Texts, threatening phone calls, posting nasty comments and call outs…”! As far as I know I sent one text but there were no threats, it wasn’t public and I was very nice considering the situation. The woman, who is old enough to be my mother mind you, goes on to say “All this shit talk, all this character reference all this kindergarten sand box shit…your middle age. You won’t be in porn for ever, worry bout what happens to u after the movies over…”… that’s some good advice, but I guess it’s more of a do as I say not as I do situation since the statements that followed were full of adult rational… “Shit starters, Stank Bitches and Broke ass bumb giggas, I eat you for breakfast.”

Unfortunately I’m not immune to bits of drama but I refused to get into any kind of back and forth with this person, or any person for that matter, as I just don’t think it’s worth the time and energy. Truthfully the only reason I bring it up now is because it is an example of the common types of drama that can totally be avoided on a public level if you just handle things privately.

I am not perfect and I need to do a much better job at handling certain situations, but I still believe that at some point the BBW world will rise to the occasion and show all the people who looked down on us that we deserve to be recognized and we can be just as beautiful and sought after as any one of those mainstream girls. This is my plea to every big girl in the World… hold your head up high, be proud of who you are, show everyone around you that you value yourself and take pride in your appearance because you know you’re worth it, but most of all LoVe yourself and everyone else will follow.

My final example is pure Plus Sized beauty personified… beauty runs deep.

As always, thank you for the continued love and support! (✿◠‿◠)

Addicted 2 BBW!

Addicted to BBW – The Hottest New Swinger Lifestyle Group For Sexy BBW’s & Their Admirers! We are currently organizing parties in the following areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas!

That’s right folks… me and my girl Farrah Foxx are teaming up to bring you some of the HOTTEST BBW action around! We are starting off light with swinger parties but will soon be revving up for fetish parties, porn parties and more. If you know me you already know I LOVE a good party so this is right up my alley and I can’t wait!

So here is one of the very first flyers for the group! If you are interested in knowing more about these parties please visit and join our Yahoo group for details and more! I look forward to seeing you kinky freaks soon, lol! Besos!!!

Win A Day With Desi!

I know it’s a bit late but I want to welcome everyone to 2012! I can’t believe another year has come and gone so quickly, it seems like they’re just flying by. I know that each new year people claim that this year is gonna be bigger and better than years past, but this year for me it’s true! I also know that I haven’t been very active since the end of 2010 and for that I apologize. I have gone through some personal health struggles, but they have since been resolved and I am back at it stronger than ever!

This year I want to make it all about the fans so in the spirit of the upcoming BBW Fanfest I am going to raffle myself off for “A Day with Desi”! A Day with Desi will include a fun-filled 8 hour day with me on the mean streets of Las Vegas in July between the dates of July 13th and July 22nd, 2012.

To enter this raffle all you have to do is sign up to attend the BBW Fanfest on their website at, mention my name, Desiree Devine, in the referring model section and send me your confirmation email to The drawing will be held the last day of June, June 30th, to give everyone a chance to sign up. If you do not receive your confirmation email in time I will be verifying attendees with the BBW Fanfest organizer before the drawing so no worries!

I will also be making April an entire month of fan requests! The requests can be for photos, video or audio. You can send your requests via email, twitter or FaceBook. I will pick a request for each day of April, so 30 requests in total, and the requests will be posted on my website The chosen request for the day will receive a 72 hours pass to my site for review. Please feel free to ask for your deepest desires as I am fuckin freaky and fetish friendly!

I truly hope to see a large amount of participation as I am finally coming out of my shell and am ready to take it ALL on!

As always thank you for your love and support! ❤ Desi

BBW FanFest 2012

This is an exciting topic to blog about, especially for me… as most people know, back in 2008, myself and a few of my fellow BBW’s sued Adultcon for size discrimination. We rented booth space, but when we sent in photos of ourselves to be placed on their event website, we were denied due to not being “height/weight proportionate”. It was a major slap in the face considering that we work just as hard in this industry, if not harder, than the skinny porn folk. It is also known that AVN is not an avid supporter of BBW. There are very few BBW related movies that ever get nominated and there are definitely NO BBW talent categories. Exxxotica is a neutral convention… though they welcome us, they do not promote us as being a part of the event. At the end of the day BBW’s are like the red-headed step child of porn. I  understand that we are in what’s considered to be a fetish/niche market, but come on.

The exciting news is… there is a NEW convention that is exclusively for BBW’s and the fans who love us! It is called BBW FanFest and it pops off for the first time in Las Vegas, July of 2012, the weekend prior to the annual Las Vegas BBW Bash! There will be more details to follow very soon… be guaranteed that I will keep you up to speed on this event as it unfolds… I’m VERY excited!

Here is a random pic from one of the photo shoots we did for the BBW FanFest marketing campaign…Me with Lexxxi Luxe and Ms. Dawn P.

Urban X Awards!

I am very excited and honored to announce that I have been nominated for the Urban X Awards BBW Star of the Year. This is my first award nomination and I am thrilled to say the least! There are several BBW’s nominated, some whom I admire and am proud to be running against.

Though I am not in this industry to win awards and walk the red carpet, it does feel amazing to be recognized for my body of work and makes me want  to work twice as hard this year to be blessed with an 2012 nomination… maybe even an AVN, but I won’t push it LOL. Every day I am humbled and today is no exception.

I would like to take this time to ask you to PLEASE go to the Urban X Awards website and vote for me for BBW Star of the Year. The awards will be held in LA on July the 23rd and voting began today. Without the fans of our work none of this would even be possible, so from the bottom of my dark heart… thank you.

Click here to cast your vote!

XoXo, Desiree Devine

Ice Cream Cool Down!

Hey there folks…

With summertime right around the corner, I like to do whatever I can to try to stay cool, especially since I now live in AZ, and one of my favorite ways is of course ice cream. Two of my favorite flavors are cake batter and caramel fudge swirl, so if you want to get on my good side that’s a great way to start.

I remember one time I was having a nice sugar cone full of cake batter ice cream and was walking thru the kitchen when I spilled a little on myself… it felt so cool against my body that I got a devilish idea and walked over to my shower. Stepping into it, I scooped the ice cream in my hand and, taking a deep breath, put it all over my boobs. My nips totally shot up into the air and the rush I got from the cold sensation was awesome. I started licking the melting cream off of my tits and they never tasted better.

So then I scooped up another handful and put it over my shoulder. My spine tingled as the ice cream oozed down my back and reached my ass. It felt so good as I rubbed in the cream all over my ass and then brought my hands around to my belly and then up and under my boobs. By then, the cream had gotten nice and sticky so I turned on my shower, got the barely lukewarm water going and rinsed the ice cream all off of my voluptuous body. It was pretty sweet…to say the least LOL

Happy St Paddy’s Day Er’rybody! AND if you see me, KISS ME cause I’m half Irish!