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Porn Blog of the YEAR!

I am doing something a bit different here and for the first time am actually blogging about another blog!

My friend The Pussy Whisperer had sent me a link to his new blog “PORNOGRAPHY is like Quaker Oats ……“. I wasn’t sure what to expect by that title, maybe something in the messy realm, lol, but when I started reading I was more than impressed. From a brief history lesson on neanderthal porn to the realities of being a porn star, he has covered it all and made for a very interesting and enlightening read.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to visit his blog and take a look… remember to be polite and comment… comments make us happy! Enjoy!

Come Party w/ ME NYE 2011!

Come party with ME and my Club Fullfilled friends NYE, Dec.31st here in beautiful Phoenix AZ! What’s better than bringing in the New Year with FUN and friends! Join me for a special champagne toast at midnight and, if you’re lucky, maybe we’ll meet under the mistletoe!

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Meet our amazing bartender extraordinaire Bronco!

Visit for more info and prepay via Paypal for a special event discount… I hope to see YOU ALL there!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Another year has passed and there is SOOO much to be thankful for! I spent yesterday morning giving thanks on twitter… which I will paste my tweets here, in no particular order:

I am thankful for @shamelessangel and @hardtenent for being amazing webmasters and even better friends… I truly LoVe you guys!

I am thankful for @pussy_whisperer and @thealphapussy for renewing my faith in LoVe! They are proof that it still exists! ❤

I am thankful for @shannyaz & @ElJefe_GM for being such awesome friends and a huge support for me, especially during my move to AZ! LoVe you!

I am thankful for @pornlaw and people like him who take action and stand up for what’s right. One person CAN make a difference!

I am thankful for @ChristyLee75 and @ClubFullFilled for giving me a new direction and helping me find my passion again! #NewBeginnings

I’m thankful to all my sisters like @FarrahFoxx @DestinyBBW @DaphneDaniels @MsDawpP @DirtyLittleDiva & other BBWs 4 proving BIG is BEAUTIFUL

I am #thankful for @DreCostello for all the LoVe and support he has given me, proving good men still exist! ❤

I am #thankful for the amazing people @casagorditasd especially @BabyFace_GM @phreespirit @GrrrgeouBBW for being REAL & true to who they are!

I am #thankful for @Christianxxx1 and all those who are true to themselves regardless. I wish EVERYONE had the courage to do the same.

I have SO much to be #thankful for but MOSTLY I am #thankful for my fans and supporters who allow me to do what I LoVe to do! Thank you all!

I am #thankful for the @BBWnetwork @SanDiegoBBWBash & all the other events around the world that celebrate BBW’s and our admirers!

These are all people and things that I am thankful for, but I am also thankful for living in a country where I have the right to be me. I can, for the most part, live my life as I chose without fear of being stoned to death. God bless us for having the First Amendment… freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

Last but not least, I am thankful for living another year and though it hasn’t necessarily been the easiest year, I have learned a lot about myself and life in general. I am thankful for seasons of change and the ability to see things in a whole new light. Sometimes it takes a storm to clear away the earth and make a new path.

Much LoVe to you and the important people in your life, may you cherish them today as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bday Weekend Part 1!

HAPPY Bday to me and ALL the Scorpio’s around the world… we rule the Zodiac, lol… so people keep telling me on twitter! I am going to write this blog in 3 parts in order to keep them a decent length and since I have ADOSTD (Attention Deficit OH Shiny Thing Disorder)! My birthday was actually November 9th, but because I wanted to wait and celebrate my bday with a couple of my Scorpio sisters, I waited til the 20th to celebrate. I have to say, I am SO glad I was able to wait and share the celebration… I could not have asked for a better group of people to celebrate with, I am truly blessed.

On Thursday the 18th I drove to San Diego to begin the festivities. Much like any other adventure that involves me, it couldn’t go off without a hitch. My first mistake was leaving town without turning off my niteflirt service, which most of you know as the phone sex line, lol! As I am driving in the middle of NOWHERE Arizona my phone rings, the special nf ring, and thinking “I have nothing else going on”, I answer. The call seems to be going fine, the details aren’t exciting enough to share, but about 20 mins in, as I am running out of things to say and making a final push to “finish” up, my GPS starts talking… “Drive 200 miles and exit…”! WTF!!! For a brief moment there was silence and then a loud burst of “Are you in the car!?!” I quickly responded “NOOOO!” Funny enough right about that time the “You have one minute remaining” announcement came on and needless to say I did not give him the opportunity to add more time.

After the ruined chat session things seemed to be moving along fine. I was making excellent time, relaxing with cruise control and listening to Now 35, when I hit the first Border Patrol checkpoint outside of Yuma. There were a couple of lines, one for cars and one for big rigs, so it was a pretty quick process. Just like ALL of the other times I have gone through checkpoints, I got to the officer and he waved me right on through. I hit resume on the cruise control, turned the stereo up and assumed that I would coast right on into San Diego… boy was I wrong! 28 miles from my destination I hit another Border Patrol checkpoint, this time with only 1 line it took forever. Since I thought I would be making good time I didn’t stop at the rest area, and needless to say by now I realllly had to go. After waiting in line for 10 mins or so I get up to the officer, expecting to be waived though and making it to the porcelain Goddess in a timely fashion, and he asked me my status… I said US Citizen… he asked where I was coming from… I said Phoenix… he said are you traveling alone… I said “Yes, except for the midget in my trunk!” and laughed… apparently this was the WRONG answer.

The officer looked at me with a straight face and asked me who’s car I was driving and when I told him it was mine he asked me to pull of to the side for further questioning. Now, maybe it was just me but I thought my answer was funny… apparently I was the only one! When the next officer came to my window this is how it went:
Officer: What’s your status?
Me: US Citizen
Officer: Where are you coming from?
Me: Phoenix
Officer: Where are you going?
Me: San Diego
Officer: What is the purpose of your travel?
Me: Just visiting… it’s my birthday weekend!
Officer: Roll down your back windows
I complied, he flashed his lights in
Officer: Are you traveling alone?
Me: (learning my lesson) YES, I am alone
Officer: May I look in your trunk
Me: Sure (popped the trunk)
Officer: There is only a bag in there, do I have permission to look in it?
Me: Sure… (as I said hesitantly because I knew when he unzipped the bag the first thing he would see were a gallon size ziploc bag FULL of condoms of various colors, sizes and flavors, vibrators and a DVD with ME naked on the cover)
I heard the bag unzip, then zip and the trunk close.
Officer: What did you say you were doing in San Diego? (as a small smile started to come about his face)
Me: Party… it’s my birthday weekend, speaking of which there goes my friends right now (as my friends Hank and Shanny drive by and I’m waving vigorously out the window)
Officer: *chuckles* Ok Miss, you have a good night!
Me: Thank you… you do the same

Needless to say as I drove away I pondered exactly what made the initial officer detain me for questioning/search. Do I look like a suspicious drug smuggler? I know it can’t be because I look like a small Mexican woman with a thick accent who doesn’t speak English! I did however learn a valuable lesson about making jokes about toting midgets around in the trunk, lol!

Another Year!

Well, today’s the day… I’m officially another year older! I’m actually looking forward to this birthday as crazy as it seems, since I haven’t been very thrilled about getting older, but I’m looking forward to being another year wiser and another year aged… like fine wine, not like spoiled milk, lol! I am seeing things in a more radiant light. I see LoVe on the horizon, I see success and stability in arms reach and I see my dreams becoming reality. For so long I held onto the past and let it hold me down, but when I let it all go, I rose to the top and could see everything so clearly. This isn’t just another year, this is another year that I have been given to learn and grow from.

So many things have happened and it would take me all night to tell you everything so I will sum it all up in one brief statement… God gave me life and I have lived it, maybe not up to everyone’s expectations, but I have been true to myself and I am blesses to be me! The things I have gone through and the struggles that I have overcome have brought me here, to this place of peace and happiness. For a very long time I searched for peace, but here in the hot state of Arizona, I think I’ve finally found it. I have been blessed with amazing friends, people who have stood by me for many years and loved me through it all… I have been blessed with a body that has the ability to heal, a heart that can be mended and soul that glows in the darkness. It doesn’t get much better than that folks!

I want to thank everyone who has stood by me, supported me and who has given me strength when I had none left. I want to thank every person that has come in and out of my life for allowing me to learn from each interaction… and I especially want to thank my close circle of friends, you should know who you all are, for guiding me through the dark hours when I wasn’t able to find my way. The one thing that I have learned over all else in the last years is to not take anything or anyone for granted and appreciate what you have because too soon it can all be taken away just like that, in the blink of an eye.

So in this next year, I am going to be making some big changes… make sure to stay tuned for the next blog post where I will be sharing all of my upcoming projects and aspirations. This blog will post at exactly 8:07am, the exact time I entered this world, and at that exact moment I will be dreaming about partying so hard that I forget who and where I am, lol! If you want to come party with me and help me celebrate my life check out the flyer below and email me at with any additional questions!

Thank you in advance for all of the birthday wishes and I hope to see you for my bday bash on the 20th!    ~    XoXo, Desiree

Seasons of change!

What I feel right now, in this moment, can best be expressed by one of my all time favorite poems:

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

— Unknown

My life has had it’s fair share of peaks and valley’s and I have cried until I’ve laughed and laughed until I have cried… they say that tears cleanse the soul, so my soul should be squeaky clean, LOL!

As of late I have had to do some serious reflection and make some extremely difficult decisions for my life. Recently a friend said that what’s good for you, and what is right for you, is not always easy for you and it rang so true. For me it seems like I always have to do things the hard way… it’s just my way I guess. Relationships have not always been easy for me as I have a lot of flaws and am not always the easiest person to handle. I have had my spells of depression and my quick Irish/Italian temper has caused some issues but mostly it is my lack of trust and faith in people. I try to hope for the best but in the back of my mind I am always expecting the worst.

I LoVe the poem above so much because it really puts a positive spin on all types of relationships… no matter why a person comes into your life there is always a lesson that you are supposed to learn behind it. Even when things go horribly wrong there is something positive that can be taken from experience. I strongly believe that each person that we come in contact with is a person that was meant to be there at the exact time… our lives are like a puzzle and each person, relationship, experience is a piece of that puzzle. It is odd how when I reflect on all of my interactions, there has been someone that has come into my life at the precise time I needed them. Those experience may not have turned out how I had intended but I can honestly say that I am grateful for each and every person.

Someone a while ago came into my life that pulled me through a rough patch and helped me to see the light through the darkness. For me I felt like they saved me and I will be eternally grateful. Hopefully one day when I have reached a place where I am emotional rock I can be someone else’s guiding light, though that may take some time. I wish I could say that I am strong and stable… that I have no fear of falling back into the darkness, but I would be a liar… I am not. I struggle often to think of the positive when I am surrounded by the negative… to see the finish line over the hurdles… or to pick myself up and look towards success after failure.

I am taking the next step in my journey of life and for the first time in a long while I am taking it alone. There are many, many things that I would like to do and try and some of these things I have to experience on my own. A very long time ago I was a strong, independent, confident, self assured woman who made the impossible possible. I had a life experience that changed that for me and made me feel like I couldn’t go it alone anymore, that I couldn’t make it without some type of crutch. Through time and A LOT of self reflection I feel that I am slowly but surely becoming the woman that I used to be… that I really was all along but just couldn’t see in the dark.

In closing I want to thank everyone who has come into my life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime. A special thanks to Andy and Samantha for being my anchor… through all the years of ups and downs you have been there and I LoVe you for it more than you will ever know… I am eternally grateful. For those of you who ave entered my life for a reason or a season, thank you for your piece of my puzzle and your contribution to who I am today. Lifers… you know who you are… thank you for accepting me for me and never judging… thank you for sharing your lives with me, I’m blessed to be a part of it… but mostly thank you for always being there, no matter what… I LoVe you guys!

I’m FAT… and?

I want to start off by saying that it’s 2010 and over 1/3 of the American population is considered obese stated by the CDC. With that said, I am in amazement that people still seem to be in shock when they see a fat person, EVEN if they’re fat themselves! It seems like I get more dirty looks from other fat people than I do thin people, thin people just look scared and hungry, lol. I’ll give you an example… the other day myself, Platinum Puzzy and our friend Destiny were out at Taco Bell. A few tables over a heavy woman and her 2 chubby daughters, mind you they were quite homely looking, were staring at us like we were side show freaks and then were so bold as to take pics of us on their cellphone!  Surprisingly none of us said anything to them, we actually found it quite comical cause when you’re fat you can diet but there’s no cure for ugly, lol!

So… we’re here visiting our good friends in Tampa and since the weather cleared up so nicely we decided to have a girls day out and the 4 of us piled into the car and took a trip to Old Town right outside of Orlando. We arrived at the park and the first thing we did was take a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl, so much fun… well the funny part was the look on the man’s face when we all tried to fit our fat asses into one whirly cup thing, lol… I have no CLUE what they’re called. So next we decided that we were gonna head to the other side of the park to get dinner since we arrived kinda late and none of us had eaten. As we walked through the park the four of us we stared at like we had just eaten baby Jesus… I kid you not, it was jaw dropping. Once we arrived at the restaurant and were seated, there was a group of Swedish people sitting at the next table  and they COULD NOT keep their eyes off of me in particularly. I didn’t notice because my back was towards them but my friend got quite upset and made a comment to them about staring, they didn’t seem to get it so I turned around and asked them if they had a problem and one lady looked at me and said “we don’t understand”. At that point we were all irritated and my friend yelled, and made physical gestures, “Do you want to take pictures of us cause we’re FAT?” I almost died laughing at the look on their faces!

Continuing on our adventures Platinum decided that she was going to grow brass balls and ride the SkyCoaster. I was too scared to ride the ride, why lie, so she had to go alone… the other 2 girls had no interest either, lol. While we stood in line for over an hour to get her on the ride we observed people staring at us and a couple of times overheard some nasty comments from the surrounding drunks… I REFUSE to argue with a drunk so again we let it go. After the ride was over we headed back to the Tilt-a-Whirl for one last ride, this time 3 of us fit… lol, it was pure comedy… I was sure it was gonna pop right off the track. On our way out of the park we made asses of ourselves by making it very obvious that we knew we were fat… like all 4 of us trying to fit into the tiny photo-booth.

We had a blast at the park despite all of the attention… I just chalk it up to ignorance. We drove back to Tampa while singing radio karaoke and here I sit writing this blog. I wanted to right about our experience today not because it really bothered me or got to me but more because I am truly stunned at the way people react in this day and age. I LoVe being me and no one can take that from me. I live to laugh and when I sense any kind of prejudice that’s what I do because in the end they’re not staring at me because I’m fat they’re staring at me cause I’m black!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving folks! It’s a beautiful day and I’m truly blessed and hope you are as well. I’m gonna take a few brief moments to share what I am most thankful for.

I’m thankful for being me. Sometimes I may get down on myself, but overall, I LoVe being me. Not many people get the opportunity to spend their life doing what they love, I do. I appreciate myself for who I am and wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I’m a great person with a good heart and I have boat loads of ambition and integrity.

I’m thankful for my work. Though it can be draining and frustrating at times, my job is amazing. I have met and worked with amazing individuals that I would have otherwise never have had the opportunity to know. I get to do things, go place and see things that I never thought I would and for that alone, I’m blessed!

And mostly… I’m thankful for my friends. As most of my readers know I grew up in foster care so I am very much estranged from my biological family, making my friends my real family. Just as any family we have drama and sometimes an occasional argument, but for the most part it’s nuthin but LoVe! My friends have been there for me through the best and worst of times and when I need them they have never let me down. I recently had a life changing experience where I fell flat on my face and they were there to help pick me up, dust me of and bring me home… I could never find the words to properly express my gratitude and appreciation for them.

I hope you all know how much you mean to me. There is not one person in my life that I would trade for anything in the world… lol, ok… maybe one… just kidding… well… kinda, lol! But seriously, I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and if I asked for anything more… well, I’d just be selfish.

“I Get Chubby” has hit the net!

A few months back I was contacted by Keith FromUpTheBlock to participate in his music video production for his slammin’ song “I Get Chubby”! So… I went to Vegas, met some new life long friends and got to have the time of my life making the funnest video to hit the net!

I want to take a moment to really give props to my man Keith FromUpDaBlock… he is not only uber hilarious as a stand up comedian, but he is also a parody genius! Now, if you know me I really reserve my compliments for those who are exceptionally deserving, and Keith really is! Make sure you check him out on his site as well as his channel on YouTube!

I must say that I am VERY proud to have been a part of this project and consider myself blessed to have found a life long friend in the talented Keith FromUpDaBlock! You can be sure that there will be more Keith/Desiree colabs to come!

After months of anticipation… the video has hit the net and it has come out with a BANG! With close to 20K hits on YouTube in the first 24 hours, this video is off the hook!

Check it out ya’ll… “I Get Chubby”!

I’m a lucky girl…

I wrote a blog on MySpace about the appreciation that I have for my good friends… I just wanted to take a moment and add some things…

I grew up in a way that I spent a lot of time alone or around people that really could have cared less about my best interest. All of the experiences that I have had throughout my life has really made me appreciate the true friends that I have now. I think that friendship is one thing that most people take for granted. Relationships are work regardless of they type of relationship it is. Sometimes getting to know and understand all of your girlfriends may take some time and effort. Women are finicky and sensitive, but a good friend will always be aware of the things that affect her… in a good or bad way.

You should always treat people the way that you want to be treated but with friends you have to take it a step further. For me it has always been the little things that matter so much… the random calls to say I love you, the girls nights out where there is no cattiness or drama, the honest shopping ventures when they say “oh no hunny!”, lol but mostly the fact that they let me be who I am and love me unconditionally regardless of my crazy life. I have always said I am who I am and I refuse to change for anyone but me and they accept me for me as I accept them for who they are and love them regardless of their most major flaw.

It seems that people really don’t understand the term unconditional love. Most people have some type of standard or criteria that you have to meet before you’re “in”. I don’t know about you but I have never been good a being able to keep up with who I “should be” from one person to the next so I just stay true to form. Unconditional is defined as follows: Without conditions or limitations; absolute. Just the word “absolute” sums it up for me cause when it comes to people that I love that’s exactly how I feel. I would gladly step in front of a bullet if it meant saving them or sacrificing something that I want just to make them a little happier, it’s worth it to me!

In closing, it may be because I am a Scorpio, but I am very supportive and am even more protective of people hold close to my heart! Real friends are few and far between so cherish them like they are a part of you. To my friends, thank you… because of you I’m such a lucky girl and to you I say this…

Hate you… Let ’em! Hurt you… They can’t! Try to… I wish they would! Love you… I do! Be you… They wish! Envy you… They should! Defend you… I would!

Friendship is more than a word… it’s a commitment.