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Model Advice 101 – Thrive Don’t Follow

So this post is all about being successfully independent in the adult industry. I am going to give you 5 key examples of some of the biggest mistakes models make today.

Blindly following First off, know who you are allowing to lead you. If you want to be successful then you need to emulate success. A lot of models in the industry today are just following behind the “hype” man. DO YOUR RESEARCH folks. Google is your best friend. If you think their is someone who can guide you in your career then you should know what they’ve done in theirs. They promise paid work… have they ever been paid for their work? They promise you fame and fortune… do they have an image worth mention or a pot to piss in? Have they been truly successful in their careers or is it just a bunch of fluff that THEY have put into the cyberverse? I can start my own Wiki page or easily acquire 100k+ followers on twitter… that is what is commonly referred to as hype.

Look folks, there are a lot of people out there that need you more than you need them. They don’t have a name that can stand alone so they need new faces and recognizable names to work with them to make them seem more relevant. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND! Moving along.

Social Media Drama NO ONE likes someone who constantly has drama. Fans don’t want to see you beefing, they want to see you being sexy or to know who’s titties you want to be motorboating. Keep it light and fun!

Potential employers or other models that you would work with for content don’t want to deal with drama so guess who they are gonna avoid shooting with in the future… yup!

Remember!!! Those who talk the most about being over the drama generally have the MOST drama. Those who are regularly “taking out the trash”, “removing toxic elements” or “cleaning house” probably have a larger than average amount of drama. If people are always on the “Why me, I’m a good person with a big heart” bandwagon, they too are probably a common drama denominator!

Don’t get pulled in by a drama filled succubus, it never turns out well. Trust me, we’ve all been there and learned the hard way.

Ego – BE HUMBLE! I get that a lot of you get into this industry for the attention. I understand that it’s nice to have people fawning all over you and paying you just to get a glimpse of you on cam or at and event… don’t let that go to your head people. I have seen women and men get a little to big for their britches and think that they are too good to put in any real work, guess where those people are now… yeah, I don’t know either.

In any industry, in any line of business you will find that the same people you shit on on your way to the top will be the same people that don’t bother lending a hand when you are in a free fall to the bottom. Karma is always watching.

Laziness 5 words: You Have To Be Invested! You have to want success, you have to feel success, you have to have the drive to go out and no matter what obstacles you face, BE SUCCESSFUL. No one is going to just hand you success, and if they did it would come with a hefty price tag. Nothing in this life is free. If you want it, you have to earn it. NO excuses. No one will ever work harder for you than you will, however, if you invest in yourself it will make others want to invest in you.

For a few years I wasn’t sure of what I wanted, what direction I wanted to go, who I wanted to be, so I got lazy. I didn’t live up to my own potential and I didn’t make the money that I knew I could make, the money that I had made for so many years before. For that, I only had myself to blame.

Wish it. Dream it. Do it.

Ignorance Much like in the first section where I mentioned doing your research, I am going to press that issue again here. So MANY models go out and shoot all the content they can and know NOTHING about contracts, model releases, 2257 laws, copyright, etc. THIS IS A BUSINESS, treat it as such. If you were going to start a bakery you would have to lease a property, file for a business license, file articles with the state for tax purposes, etc. This is YOUR business, learn how to run it. When someone shoots your content, the photographer/videographer owns that content unless otherwise agreed upon, have a contract. If you shoot content trade, get model release and 2257 documentation RIGHT THEN… don’t wait until you have a falling out with a model or he/she goes MIA and then that content is worthless. Learn copyright and branding laws so you don’t get sued… You CANNOT shoot porn with any Branded Companies product. If you shoot with lube, remove or hide the label. If you are shooting with beverages, turn the can/bottle/etc. so that the logo cannot be seen. I could go on for days, but I shan’t.

That concludes today’s Model Advice 101, I hope that some of you find it useful!





Industry Truths!

This blog is going to be kind of a hodgepodge of topics… the first being a very real look into the adult entertainment industry. When it comes to any type of work we all do it for the same reason… to make money. We have to make a living at what we do or we need to be realistic about our earning potential, or lack there of. Ladies… if you are trying to get into the adult industry as a career then you have to be very devoted. There are literally thousands of girls that come and go, they get there few little scenes and are to never be heard from again. It takes a lot of work to have any type of staying power. There are also a lot of girls who come in with big dreams, which is great but not always realistic, who try for many years to make it but just barely scrape by. Let’s face it… unless your very mainstream you’re not gonna get rich in porn. In the long run these ladies end up spending more money than they make.

Look… to me it seems so simple… if you can’t afford rent, a car, to feed your kids and/or your house is in foreclosure… you should think of making a new career choice. When you owe several people more money than you will make in the next decade… it’s time to make a change. When it comes to my own career, I’m very realistic… I know my actual earning potential and know that if I don’t make my numbers it’s because I was being lazy. Too often I see girls will that dedicate SO much time attempting to make a name for themselves that they actually end up desperate and doing things that only make it harder for themselves. If you LoVe the attention, awesome, but be realistic… maybe it should just be a hobby for you. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the attention… it will be your ultimate demise. The thing that you learn throughout time is that most people will waste your time. Guys will want to chat with you for hours and then go watch your movies on the free porn sites… it sucks but it’s the truth.

My final thought on this topic is that girls also need to be realistic about their age. We all have a shelf life. If you make this your career you should have a back up plan. Once you hit your mid 30’s you’re considered a MILF, which there are some super hot MILF’s, but then the next step is granny porn! I don’t know about most ladies, but I don’t plan on attempting granny porn, lol! There is also the cold hard fact that very few women enter the industry in their older years and are able to be successful, there are some, but not many. If you have been trying to make it in this business for SEVERAL years, you are getting older and you haven’t been successful… chances are you won’t. I’m not trying to be harsh, just honest. There is nothing worse than watching someone run in circles until they have run themselves and their family straight into destitution.

Secondly… the topic of sociopaths has arisen. It seems like this industry is kind of a breeding ground for them. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of us in the industry are already kind of stereotypically dysfunctional or if it’s because to do what we do you have to have a certain degree of abnormal pleasure-seeking tendencies. Either way it makes having relationships in this industry difficult to say the least. I have always know that I am indubitably flawed and because of that I always thought that knowing I am a bit crazy makes me sane. See you can always tell if someone is crazy cause they don’t know they’re crazy! A sociopath will always be a sociopath cause they lack remorse. It’s defined as a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with abnormally immoral conduct despite an ability to appear normal.

It’s hard enough connecting with people and letting them in without having to worry if someone is who they appear to be or if it is all a big facade. I know I have been shamboozled and it’s not an easy thing to recover from. I also have good friends who have been taken for a destructive ride by a sociopath… it’s something that can change a person forever. Trust doesn’t come easily to me and now with always being skeptical of people and their ability to be honest it’s near impossible… but that doesn’t mean I won’t be open because there are good people out there, they are just few and far between. The thing that strikes me most odd about a sociopath is their ability to distort situations to make themselves look like the victim when there is such a clear path of destruction. Their audacity is astounding. When most people are found to be fraudulent they tend to scurry away and withdraw in shame, this is not the case with a sociopath, they see no fault in their actions and continue on their path of destruction.

There are many things that I LoVe about this industry… I don’t want to give the wrong impression. Doing what I do has allowed me to meet amazing, non sociopathic, people, travel, experience new worlds and most importantly share the message of size acceptance to the world. I want ALL women to know they are beautiful (period). No magazine or fashion guru will ever be able to tell me that any one of those stick figure models have the sense of self-appreciation that I feel. I have been a thin model and I know the lack of self-esteem these girls experience cause no matter how beautiful you are you are never beautiful enough… it’s a very sad circle of constant criticism.

That’s all from me tonight… so I leave you with my favorite 3 words…

LiVe. Laugh. LoVe.

BBW Hunnies…