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Cal Exotics Posh® Silicone Rhythm “G”™

Posh® Silicone Rhythm “G”™

CA7_13Sooo, as I’ve stated in my previous reviews I am a HUGE fan of most things that vibrate, note I said most things…. this was not one of those things. I imagine if I was 5’5 and 98 pounds this toy would be amazing, but I’m not… I’m 6′ tall and 380 pounds. I found that with not much of a nob or handle to hold on to it was not easy to maneuver and the shorter length made it difficult to reach the important places.

I’m sorry to say that this toy was NOT fat girl friendly. I also found that this toy is for someone who has a sensitive clit, its vibration is a bit lackluster. I hate to say it, but Posh® Silicone Rhythm “G”™ was not my favorite review! BUT… I can’t wait for next month’s toy selection… I hope you cum again!

Overall here are my ratings:
Packaging 3/5
Vibration 2/5
Quality 3/5
Visual 4/5
Cost 2.5/5
Would I recommend this toy to readers? Maybe for small girls.
Will I use this toy personally? Not likely.
Average cost of toy: $24.99 (MSRP)
Toy features:
  • Bulk Weight: 3.8(oz) / 0.11(kg)
  • 4” x 1.5”/10.25 cm x 3.75 cm (shaft)
  • 1” x 0.5”/2.5 cm x 1.25 cm (stimulator)
  • Silky soft luxurious Silicone dual massagers
  • 3 petite designs for versatile use
  • 3 powerful speeds
  • Easy push button controller
  • Silicone (massager, button) ABS with PU Cote (controller) ABS with Silver Plating (décor ring)
  • Requires 1 AA Battery

Favorite Fan Mail!

I just got my FAVORITE type of fan mail and it totally turned my day around. I want to share it with you all as this helps to assure me of why I do what I do. ♥
Most people think that I do what I do for men solely, but that was never my intention. Since the very first moment that I decided to become an adult model it was always because I wanted plus size women to know that we are beautiful and amazing. One day the world will come around and realize what I have always known, every woman is divine in every essential feature that she possesses. There is beauty in every curve, every flaw and every element in which makes us all unique and special. LoVe yourselves ladies, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Dear Desiree,

I don’t know if you already get a lot of fan mail from women like me, but I just had to thank you.

Let me explain how I found you….I am a BBW and I am just discovering the term FA or fat admirer. I do not know how you feel about this term, and I am not even sure how I feel about it yet, I am just glad that there are men who find big women beautiful and aren’t too timid to admit it. I doubt this is any kind of surprise to you, since I imagine you make your living from these exact men (and women). One of the men who openly speaks about being an FA mentioned you in a video on youtube. I had no idea who you were, so I looked you up.

I have watched a couple of your videos, and I had a mixture of emotions. Of course I was turned on, but something else happened. I realized that I had no trouble finding you sexy and beautiful, that was apparent. So the immediate question that followed, was, “Why do I have such a hard time feeling that I am sexy and beautiful, especially in sexual situations?”

It made me very emotional. I have tortured myself with imaginings of how my lovers must view me when we are having sex…and my imagination has rarely given me a positive picture. I have always been so hard on myself about my appearance. Even when I knew I looked good dressed with my make up and hair flawless, and a man was showing interest, the thought would always creep in “Yes, but if he saw you naked, it would be all over.”

I am so sad that I have done this to myself for so long. I have been working very hard (in therapy) to really love and accept myself just as I am. Whether I lose or gain weight, I just want to feel love for myself It sounds so nauseatingly trite to some people, but it has taken years for me to come close to a place where I can say that I am beginning to really feel this.

I would never have suspected that a woman like yourself would be another piece of the puzzle for me. Meaning, I did not expect to feel the way that I did, after watching you perform. You are very sexy, and gave me an actual image of what a woman truly confident in her sexuality looks like. I needed that picture and I thank you for it.

Let me say, however, that I am not deluded. I understand that you probably don’t feel this way all the time, you are a human being, and we all have shitty days. I do wonder if you feel happy about the work you do, or if you feel objectified or taken advantage of in any way. Though you seem like a very self assured and powerful woman, I understand that life is complex, and the choices we make sometimes are the result of difficult pasts. Wait, I am NOT going to psychoanalyze you, I just want to be clear that I have no illusions about life. I respect you for how far you have come, and for being what appears to be, a very successful business woman.

Thank you again. I wish you happiness, wealth, and all the things you dream of. I send you love and admiration, and hope for you, all the best.


Thank you all for all of your love and support… it means the world to me!b4

God & The Sinner

I have never before spoken on the subject of religion, but as today is Christmas Eve, I found it fitting… I also got a message that struck up a rather interesting conversation. Most people seem to confuse me as an Atheist because I do not believe in organize religion… that is in fact inaccurate, I am not an Atheist. Atheist, by definition, is a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings… I do not. I very much believe that there is a “God” or a supreme being.

My biggest issue with religion is that it is a man-made structure of belief. There are literally thousands of religions around the world and who to say which religion is “right”? As I see it, there are about 4 people going to Heaven, lol. Then there is the issue of the Bible, also written by man, which has been written and rewritten all based off of interpretations. Once as a kid, I read the Bible, cover to cover, and seemed to understand it very differently than the way most religions teach it. I also find that some of the biggest hypocrites on Earth can be found in churches all around the World.

If so many religions preach peace, why can they not live it and accomplish it? If religion preaches love and acceptance, why are people so full of hate and judgement? If religion teaches the importance of family and togetherness then why are there foster homes, retirement homes, homes for difficult teens, etc. No one takes care of their families anymore, we just shove them off for someone else to take of them because it makes our own lives easier… SMH.

The conversation that lit this fire for me is below…

Mike Leroy Jnr
Repent from fornication and immorality porn woman remember hell is real and your body is d temple of the lord – repent now before it too late christ is knocking

Desiree Devine
LMAO… thank you for the chuckle… I needed a good laugh today! Happy Holidays!

Mike Leroy Jnr
Its not funny you may ridicule the word today but don’t regret tommorrow a word is enough for the wise

Desiree Devine
I’m not the one ridiculing sweets, that would be you. I love and accept everyone for who they are. In fact, I have read the Bible, cover to cover, have you? The same “Lord” that you are referring to states that He does not call upon the righteous as it is the sinners who need repentance… he died for the sinners… ergo Jesus loves and will embrace me even as a sinner. The Bible also states very clearly, and I quote: MATTHEW 7:1-5:

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull the mote out of thine eye; and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

I am no fool. I understand better than you realize. So… please… do not worry about me and my ways as a sinner, but worry about your damnation as a hypocrite. All sins are equal in the eyes of God.


Now the gentleman has yet to respond to my last message, but I don’t assume he will. The thing about people like me who dispute religion is that we have to study more about religion than the people who claim to be religious. Funny how I have to be extensively educated about religion to dispute it, but you have to know zero about it to shove it down my throat and tell me that I shall be eternally damned. Again, SMH!

On that note, I wish coexisteveryone around the World the HAPPIEST of Holidays. May your days be filled with love and laughter!

Insatiable Me!

So as of lately my sex drive has been insatiable… I can’t seem to get enough, seriously, I’m insanely horny ALL the time! I have been masturbating like a savage beast, 2 to 3 times a day, but that doesn’t even curb the throbbing sensation in my pussy. I thought that when I had my hysterectomy last May that it would help a bit, but no such luck. The worst part is when I get texts or calls from guys that I just want to mount and ride like Seabiscuit.

The other day one of my close friends with AMAZING benefits, sent me a very HOT video of him masturbating to one of my movies and cumming all over my picture… imagine how salacious I became after that! I watch him jack off to me EVERY TIME I get a moment alone. I watch the video so much I have it down to perfect timing. The video is 1 minute long and I watch it through 2 times… by the 2nd time I see him cum I have the most INTENSE orgasm and cum so hard I feel it drip down my ass crack. I have used my bullet so much in the last week I’ve had to replace the batteries twice, thank you Costco for buying in bulk.

The best part is when I’m laying on my back and I slide the bullet in between my pussy lips, I slowly turn it from low to high and squeeze my thighs tight to hold it in place, I begin to rub my nipples softly and move slowly while the pressure from my thighs make the bullet press down on my clit. 2 minutes are all it takes for me to cum to the thought of a big cock thrusting inside of me until it blows its load deep in me, it pulsates inside while I squeeze out every last drop… he pulls out slowly and it begins again.

BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials!

BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials will open Nov. 19th at 12 am and last for ONLY 72 HOURS! 30% OFF (booths space for models and vendors as well as attendee packages) PLUS every purchase will include a 2-Day Well Rounded LV entry! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!

Fan Fav #1!

The fact is, is that I get a ridiculous amount of email every day. I try to read most of it, but it’s generally all the same redundant sleazy comments. Though ever once in a while one catches my eye. The following message came to me via Facebook and I liked it because of the detail in which it was written. It is kinda lengthy, but I hope you like it as much as I did!

My darling, Pardon me if you find this offensive but I’m trying to exercise my talent in writing and still show you how I will love you if you give me the chance.

Thinking of you this morning and looking at your photos on facebook brought my dick to full attention and yes I must admit I had to rub it while I look at your beautiful face. Just imagine that we are together now in my place and we are in the bathroom now. I leave the bathroom and lock the bedroom door. I come back to you and seeing the look of passion in your eyes and the anticipation, I embrace you in a tender loving kiss, pulling you closer as our kiss heightens our arousals. Our tongues dancing between each others mouths. My hands caress your back under your shirt and move up and unhook your bra. My hands slide under your arms and raise them so I can hike up your shirt over your head but not before I give your nipples a little squeeze. They are instantly taut and perky. I return the favor and remove my shirt too. We go back to our passionate kissing pulling each other in close so our chests rub against each other. You love the feeling of my chest hair rubbing against your breasts. Both our hands caressing each others back side and asses pulling ever so closer. I turn you around. I nibble on your neck as my hands wrap around you and begin to fondle your breasts. Your taut nipples sliding through my fingers. Your butt hard pressed against my throbbing manhood. I work each breast, making sure to give pleasure to both. I can feel the passion welling up with in you. My one hand drops down caressing your belly and moves down to the top of your low riding pants. My fingers begin exploring down your pants but they are too tight for me to get down in there. I feel you pull your belly in to make room for my fingers. They move down more into your panties as I can feel the top of your lovely pubic region. You breath in again and my fingers move into your wetness as they slide through your lips. I retract my hand and unbutton your pants, spreading them at the zipper. I must reach down in there one more time before I remove your pants. I pull your pants down as your undies follow with your pants. Your hands are holding you up on the bathroom sink counter as you leave me to my task. I help you remove one leg at a time out of your fallen pants. Darling you are so wet I can barely control myself. I feverishly remove my pants and underwear. The sight of my erection causes you more stirrings and anticipation. You reach out and caress it and then bend over and take him in your mouth. Licking him and moving up and down, almost choking. I sit you back on the sink counter and have you move your sweet butt to the counters edge. I kneel down before you and have you place your legs over my shoulders as you spread your legs wide enough for my head to squeeze in there. My fingers playing delicately with your lips as I kiss your inner thighs and my tongue moves closer. Just as I reach your aching pussy, I move by as my nose tip runs through you wet lips and I move past to kiss your other inner thigh. My fingers moving back in to keep you excited which I must add is not very hard at this point. MY nose moves back in between your legs and slowly circles around you lips and as I move it up higher on you to your clit, my tongue comes out and begins to lick you. Just little darts into your wet opening trying to penetrate you slowly and sensually. Your pussy is on fire, your clit totally erect and protruding and my licks become more vigorous. Your breathing getting heavier but shallow deep breaths. You run you hands through my hair, pulling me in closer so my tongue can get in you as deep as it can go. In and out, licking your clit, twirling around and with a deep final moan, scream you orgasm. I leave my tongue in you still as you shake feverishly until you have to push my tongue and head away from your sensitivity. You pull me up and we kiss. You are still shaking with pleasure. With your hand around my neck, I once again pull you closer to the edge of the counter. I take my dick and begin to rub him up and down your swollen lips. You lean back still holding the back of my neck the fire returning to your pussy. You are moaning again and I slowly insert my cock, just a little bit at a time. My methods are beyond words for you except for the looks of intense love and want in your and my eyes. The deeper I go into you the more I have to get on my toes so I can attain as much depth as I can. The full thrusts begin slowly, in very deep and then slowly withdraw. In deep, then slow withdrawal. Our breathing begins to change, the sighs are upon us. The thrusts become more vigorous and very deep. Our rhythm beginning to have its desired effects. We are panting heavily, the thrusts deep and our blood rushes to our organs and As I feel your orgasm, I unleash my own, the hot semen filling your love canal. My pumping remains deep as i unload into you and finally I am pushed in all i can go as we ride out our orgasm. I think I felt you have another orgasm. The sweat is running off our bodies. We have all we can do to remain in position. We become almost lifeless while we catch our breath.

All I can say is wow… hot… now I’m off to masturbate!

Porn Blog of the YEAR!

I am doing something a bit different here and for the first time am actually blogging about another blog!

My friend The Pussy Whisperer had sent me a link to his new blog “PORNOGRAPHY is like Quaker Oats ……“. I wasn’t sure what to expect by that title, maybe something in the messy realm, lol, but when I started reading I was more than impressed. From a brief history lesson on neanderthal porn to the realities of being a porn star, he has covered it all and made for a very interesting and enlightening read.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to visit his blog and take a look… remember to be polite and comment… comments make us happy! Enjoy!


Going Back 2 Cali Tour!

I know I’m a bit late getting this up but here it is, better late than never, right!

Today Thunder Katt and I hit Chicago and are LOVING it so far… Chitown is living up to its hospitable name! We will be here through the 7th so DON’T miss your chance to meet up with your favorite BBW pornstars! Thunder Katt and I are meeting fans individually or as a savage tag team, LOL! If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to ride the curves of a BIG beauty, or 2, then come on though and make your dreams cum true!

If you just want to meet up and say hello, I am offering individual meet and greets for a small donation of $50… come chill, have a drink and get a personalized autographed 6×9 picture of yours truly along with a photo of us together!

For more details check out DesireeOnDemand.com! Hope to see you soon!

Hot Summer Meltdown!

That’s right fellas… I will be attending the Hot Summer Meltdown in Manhattan, NY on Saturday August 21st, 2010! The guest list is gonna be FULL of big booty, ginormous jugg chicks like Farrah Foxx, Amber Swallows, BBW SuperStar and more! Click on the flyer above to see it in full size!

For ticket info call Fantasy at 347.248.4774 or email cybersinsation@gmail.com! Tickets are going for $100 and $150 so get yours NOW!

I can’t wait to see you there… smooches!

Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney

Today I sent a little note to the Dr. Phil Show letting them know that they are about to place one of the biggest hypocrites in the BBW community on their show. Here’s the note:

“You have a guest by the name of Lisa Marie Garbo coming up on an upcoming show. She has self proclaimed herself as the “Power Plus Woman” stating the she represents the plus sized community. She also states that she denounces any plus size woman working in the adult/porn industry.

It needs to be brought to the shows attention that Lisa Marie Garbo herself was an adult model and was quite active in the adult industry so far as to even run her own xxx website.

This woman is a hypocrite and should not be allowed to go on national television and represent the plus size, BBW, community.”

Now, if you’re not familiar with Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney, she is the promoter of a BBW night club in Long Beach called Club Bounce. I met Lisa Marie a couple of years ago when I first went to her club and for some reason something about her never set right with me. I later came to find out it was because she is an evil little creature. It had honestly been many moons since I had met someone, in my opinion, so self admiring, rude, back stabbing and hypocritical.

Lisa Marie was even brazen enough to ban me from the club after I posted the following article on Myspace as a public service.

Shooting, stabbing at L.B. club may be related

Article from:
Press-Telegram Long Beach, CA.
Article date:
March 1, 2008
// Hanna Chu

LONG BEACH – A man was shot and a female was stabbed in possibly related incidents early Saturday, authorities said.

A male adult victim was allegedly approached by a group of male blacks and shot in the parking lot outside a club at about 1:45 a.m., said LBPD Officer Jackie Bezart.

The incident apparently originated at Club Bounce, 6285 E. Pacific Coast Highway, then moved into the parking lot.

About an hour later in the same vicinity, a female Hispanic victim was approached by a group of female blacks and stabbed.

Both victims were transported to local hospitals with non-life- threatening wounds, Bezart said.

No suspect information was available.

“Nothing indicates that it’s gang-related,” Bezart said.

No further information was available.

hanna.chu@presstelegram.com, 562-499-1476

Lisa Marie has since ban an entire population of people that she doesn’t like for no other reason than she doesn’t like them. Please believe that if you speak against her or the club, she will ban you and spread vicious rumors like a middle school child. She has to be one of the most immature women I have ever met, it’s like she has yet to make it past high school.

When it came to my attention that she has taken it upon herself to represent the BBW community, I was furious to say the least. WHO is she to represent anyone? She has denounced an entire industry in which she was and is still a part of! It is safe to say that this woman makes me sick. She has gone to extreme measures to remove all of her adult content from the internet but just to show you I’m telling the truth here are a few images I’ve kept.

Lisa Marie also ran a popular BBW XXX site, bbwbunnies.com. You can look up the domain on WHOIS and find out all of the info on who owns the domain. She has recently removed all of the original content and replaced it with a generic affiliate store… smh!

Some people would wonder why I care to call her out or what it is that I have against her… well, I’ll tell you this. I truly believe that ALL people should be free to make their own choices in life and that they should never be judged for what choices those may be. I also believe that you should be held accountable for the choices that you make even if those choices have negative repercussions. Any coward can run away and try to hide evidence, it takes a REAL woman to stand up and take responsibility for her actions. I believe that the woman self proclaiming herself the voice of BBW’s should be ashamed of herself and come clean about her checkered past.

*** The information given about Lisa Marie Garbo is from personal accounts and public knowledge. This blog was not written in malice but as a public service to the bbw community. Lisa Marie has made herself into a “public figure” and should be held accountable for her actions. If you choose to place yourself in the public eye you should be prepared for the skeletons to fall out of the closet. If Ms. California should be held accountable for her past endeavors, why should a shameless club promoter be any different? ***

*** ALL comments will be approved except those written in all caps! ***

PS… I’m sorry Lisa, you don’t always get your way. You should’ve been humble and kept your mouth shut, this blog would’ve stayed hidden. Some people never learn.