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Working with Christian!

If you have ever been to my site DesireeDevine.com, you have seen the last scene that I did with Christian in January during the AVN Expo. Let me just start out saying that I adore Christian. We may joke that he is a bit of a “porn diva”, but at the end of the day I adore him! Christian always seems to have some type of industry controversy going on and handles it like a champ and for that I have to give him mad props! Besides the fact that I like Christian as a person, I LOVE working with him!

In the BBW adult industry, it’s difficult to find GOOD male talent. I think the hardest thing to find is quality male talent who don’t mind shooting scenes with a BBW/SSBBW. Now I know, from personal encounters, that there is a lot of male talent that are personally into BBWs but they don’t want to work with us on camera. I can slightly understand why they feel that way, but it still pisses me off. Then you have the male talent that are willing to work with the big girls but they don’t have sex with BBWs on the regular, so they really don’t know how to do it right… ugh! So that is why working with Christian is such a pleasure.

Working with someone, who not only digs me on a personal level but is more than happy to work with me, like Christian is a breath of fresh air. Personally I could care less what anyone has to say, I LOVE him and I appreciate the person and the talent that he is. I am proud to call him a friend and he is someone that I would work with anytime, anywhere and recommend him to all of my fellow BBWs.

Christian has written 2 blog posts about me and they can be found at the following links:

Here is one of the pics that Christian took of me during our scene for Zero Tolerance.

If you are interested in a male pornstars daily life, then Christian’s blog is just for you! I encourage you to check it out even if just for the sheer entertainment… ChristianSingstheBlues.com