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BBW FanFest 2012

This is an exciting topic to blog about, especially for me… as most people know, back in 2008, myself and a few of my fellow BBW’s sued Adultcon for size discrimination. We rented booth space, but when we sent in photos of ourselves to be placed on their event website, we were denied due to not being “height/weight proportionate”. It was a major slap in the face considering that we work just as hard in this industry, if not harder, than the skinny porn folk. It is also known that AVN is not an avid supporter of BBW. There are very few BBW related movies that ever get nominated and there are definitely NO BBW talent categories. Exxxotica is a neutral convention… though they welcome us, they do not promote us as being a part of the event. At the end of the day BBW’s are like the red-headed step child of porn. I  understand that we are in what’s considered to be a fetish/niche market, but come on.

The exciting news is… there is a NEW convention that is exclusively for BBW’s and the fans who love us! It is called BBW FanFest and it pops off for the first time in Las Vegas, July of 2012, the weekend prior to the annual Las Vegas BBW Bash! There will be more details to follow very soon… be guaranteed that I will keep you up to speed on this event as it unfolds… I’m VERY excited!

Here is a random pic from one of the photo shoots we did for the BBW FanFest marketing campaign…Me with Lexxxi Luxe and Ms. Dawn P.

BIG BBW Industry Beef!

As everyone pretty much knows I have pretty much been out of the game for a little over a year or so.. I have been taking care of me and trying to get ME straight. As I am reentering the industry I am finding that a lot has changed in the time I have been gone. Just like in any industry, people leave and new people come in. I have seen a lot of new girls come in and make a positive impression, but unfortunately there are those who have arrived on the scene with a wealth of controversy. Now for some people, like Kat Stacks, controversy is their life… I guess if you want to be known and remembered as the sub-human ghetto money-grubbing whore that’s fine… but for the rest of us we strive to make a more positive impact.

Now if you have followed me for any period of time you already know that I am not afraid to take a stand for what’s right. I have went up against Lisa Marie Garbo for being a scandalous, two-faced fraud as well as a well know porn convention, which made national news, for discriminating against overweight entertainers. The way I look at it is that if there is something that is blatantly hurting someone, a stand needs to be taken because enough is enough. Today one of my best friends, Farrah Foxx, took a stand against another BBW in the industry and put it out there that the BS and trash talk against her would not be tolerated. This is what Farrah had to say:

The sad part about this is that Farrah felt like she had to defend herself. In the small niche market of the adult industry that we are in, we should really be banning together to network and thrive, not battling it out over Facebook, twitter and YouTube! Farrah should have never been put in a defensive position, period… there is no reason for it. This industry is big enough for all of us to get a piece of the pie… as long as you are good at what you do the work will come. It’s ok to be a go getter and to go after success because Lord knows it won’t come to you, but there is a way to handle your business with class and tact. Remember the saying “You get more bees with honey”!

My hope in this industry is to show people that BBW’s are just as sexy as all those skinny bitches and we have just as much if not more class than them. Big girls need to stand up and walk with your head held high exuding confidence, not conceitedness. Keep your personal life personal and don’t bring your business into the public… as models we need to be a fantasy, not a vile spewing catty broads. Fans don’t want to see their favorite sex symbols talking shit about each other, they want to see us ramming each other with toys and whatnot! Cat fights are generally a turn off and will often leave a bad taste in the fans mouth. I wish EVERYONE success because I know the more successful that my predecessors are, it paves the way for my own future success.

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat… we can together help it stay afloat or sit back and drown. People will have personal beefs, but keep it personal, no need to make it public and don’t put others down to make yourself look like your on a taller stage because it’ll backfire and make you look like the ultimate schmuck. I hope that one day the BBW community will come together and unite as a movement… no one can do it alone, it takes a team effort, even Martin Luther King Jr. had a support system. PLUS… helping someone and lifting them up is a lot more rewarding than tearing them down.

I was on Fox NEWS…

Yesterday I received a call from a friend letting me know they saw me on Fox News. To my surprise when I went to the Fox News website… there I was, clear as day!

Here is the link…http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html?playerId=videolandingpage&streamingFormat=FLASH&referralObject=3836920&referralPlaylistId=playlist

So after watching the broadcast I had mixed emotions, but overall I thought it was great. I don’t know if anyone noticed but they gave the convention NO mention and I thought that was awesome.

I’m very curious to hear what everyone has to say so feel free to comment after you watch the broadcast!

P.S. Happy belated St. Patty’s Day!


Denied by ADULTCON! – Update

Adultcon is taking place as I write this and one thing is perfectly clear… I’m not there nor will I be in attendance this weekend. It has never been more clear that Adulcon doesn’t want BBW’s participating in this event… here’s an update! http://adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=31677

Denied by ADULTCON!

Ok, so… myself and Subrina Love signed up for a booth at ADULTCON, our first time there. Everything seemed to be coming along swimmingly until we were denied for not being height, weight proportionate. Needless to say I was quite offended by this turn of events and, well… here’s the story… http://adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=31592