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Lisa Marie Garbo aka BBW Bunny Britney Cont.

Ok… so… (deep breaths) I knew that speaking out against Lisa Marie Garbo would come with some backlash from her drones… Lisa Marie would never contact me herself unless she was calling me from a blocked number and screaming profanities on the other end as soon as I answered the phone. I have gotten a lot of mail mostly commending me for standing up for what’s right, but some trying to air out my own personal laundry.

The thing that strikes me funny about people who lash out in anger or defense is that they don’t think rationally. When I set out to bring the “real” Lisa Marie to light it wasn’t out of hate or anger. I thought about what I was going to say for days before I wrote about it. I want it to be very clear that I’m not judging Lisa Marie for what she has done because I have done the same things. The fact is is that I stand up and applaud anyone who changes their life for the better, even Lisa Marie, and speaks up for the greater good when the person who is speaking up is speaking up selflessly and not for personal gain.

I give Lisa Marie credit for Club Bounce, once upon a time it was truly a place for BBW’s to go and feel comfortable being big and beautiful. It seems that the more popular Club Bounce became the less it became about BBW’s and the more it became just another popular night club. If Lisa Marie was truly in it for the people why has she raised the cover charge? Lisa Marie is more worried about lining her pockets and being in the media than she is about her patrons. The economy is in the tank and yet she knows her club is gonna have patrons so why not make a little extra to pay for that new publicist.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t have my own checkered past. I’m not saying that I am better nor worse than anyone, but I can say that everything I have done I’ve done whole heatedly and have taken accountability for my choices. I make no apologies for who or what I am nor am I ashamed of anything that I have done. Someone wrote a comment to the previous post, which I denied because it was written in all caps, trying to put my VERY personal business on front street and I think that’s just tacky. I did not or would not put ANYONE’S private business out for the world to see. The things that I have brought to light have already been put out on the internet, but have since been swept under the rug.

I’m not putting myself in the public eye claiming to be the voice of BBW’s. I am, however, taking a stand against someone who has wronged so many for her own personal gain. In my opinion if you want to be a public “personality” than be real. If you are a good person with good intentions and have others best interest in mind then no one will care what you have done in your past. The only time that there is ever an issue is when someone is not who they claim to be. Like I’ve said before… I applaud those who have changed for the better, but will not stand for those who speak down on others who are where you came from.