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BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials!

BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials will open Nov. 19th at 12 am and last for ONLY 72 HOURS! 30% OFF (booths space for models and vendors as well as attendee packages) PLUS every purchase will include a 2-Day Well Rounded LV entry! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!


Yup, the title says it all! For the first time in convention history, BBW FanFest is allowing models to attend the BBW FanFest Trade show via life-sized banners! You will see in the flyer below that the cost for the Virtual Attendance is ONLY $99 and that includes: Free standing life-sized banner, 500 custom designed business cards, your information listed in the BBW FanFest event program, photos of fans with your banner taken by our staff photographer, your provided video promo played live on screens throughout the trade show and appearances of your banner during our live event streaming.

For girls who cannot afford to attend the trade show this year, this is the perfect solution. When the trade show is over we can ship the banners, auction them off, give them away or whatever each model chooses to do with their own  individual banner.

The only downside to this option is that we didn’t think of it sooner and to fulfill printing deadlines we need to have all orders in NO LATER than June 30th! It’s last minute, I know, but it will be more than worth it to have your presence at the show!

Photos need to be full body, high-resolution (minimum 150 dpi, recommended 300 dpi) and be full color. Please submit all inquiries and/or orders via email to info@bbwfanfest.com.

Win A Day With Desi!

I know it’s a bit late but I want to welcome everyone to 2012! I can’t believe another year has come and gone so quickly, it seems like they’re just flying by. I know that each new year people claim that this year is gonna be bigger and better than years past, but this year for me it’s true! I also know that I haven’t been very active since the end of 2010 and for that I apologize. I have gone through some personal health struggles, but they have since been resolved and I am back at it stronger than ever!

This year I want to make it all about the fans so in the spirit of the upcoming BBW Fanfest I am going to raffle myself off for “A Day with Desi”! A Day with Desi will include a fun-filled 8 hour day with me on the mean streets of Las Vegas in July between the dates of July 13th and July 22nd, 2012.

To enter this raffle all you have to do is sign up to attend the BBW Fanfest on their website at www.BBWFanfest.com, mention my name, Desiree Devine, in the referring model section and send me your confirmation email to desiree@desireedevine.com. The drawing will be held the last day of June, June 30th, to give everyone a chance to sign up. If you do not receive your confirmation email in time I will be verifying attendees with the BBW Fanfest organizer before the drawing so no worries!

I will also be making April an entire month of fan requests! The requests can be for photos, video or audio. You can send your requests via email, twitter or FaceBook. I will pick a request for each day of April, so 30 requests in total, and the requests will be posted on my website DesireeDevine.com. The chosen request for the day will receive a 72 hours pass to my site for review. Please feel free to ask for your deepest desires as I am fuckin freaky and fetish friendly!

I truly hope to see a large amount of participation as I am finally coming out of my shell and am ready to take it ALL on!

As always thank you for your love and support! ❤ Desi