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I’m Baaack… kinda!

logoSo here’s the scoop! I am back in the adult business, but not in the same way as before. I am still retired from XXX modeling, though I may dip my foot back into the fetish model pool at some point – who knows, but I have returned on the other side of the camera. My amazing man and I have married our talents, him a cinematographer and I an adult entertainer, and have birthed our very own production company… Sinfully Divine Entertainment. This venture is brand new, but we have already started shooting content and are scouting for studio location around downtown Las Vegas. Exciting!!!

As part of Sinfully Divine Ent. we have teamed up with RPX After Dark to bring you some of the hottest solo site on the market. There will be a variety of options available to models including a 50/50 split option, low cost pay in full option and several payment plan options to fit your budget. The 50/50 split option will include content production, webmastering and marketing as well.

logo_bbwconAdditionally, I have entered back into the land of events. In 2012 & 2013 we brought you BBW FanFest and in 2015 we will bring you BBWcon! The official BBWcon announcement won’t be made until August 1st, so stay tuned to find out all the awesome details!

On the agenda is also the launching of BBW Hunnies! BBW Hunnies is a model management company formed and run by successful active and retired models. BBWH-LogoWe’re excited to have the experience of veterans like Farrah Foxx and the new visions of models like Sashaa Juggs to guide our endeavors. At BBWH we will help models find paid work as well as assisting with image makeovers, independent sites, self marketing and production, as well as teaching models about copyright laws and other need to know info about the adult industry. There has never before been a company that was formed to mentor girls in this industry. We have formed an extensive collaboration to pool resources and provide models, male and female, with the most valuable information available to date. We WILL NOT do the work for you, but if you want to learn how to be successful, we can guide you.

10565282_793241027377404_7582657812919395789_nI couldn’t be more excited to be in this position. It took me a long while to decide what I wanted to do, or even to decide if I wanted to separate myself from the adult world ALL together. I’ve had many discussions and have developed what I think to be THE BEST team of people to bring these visions to life.

Special thanks to Plumperpass.com for sponsoring BBWcon 2015. It wouldn’t be possible without you!



Addicted 2 BBW!

Addicted to BBW – The Hottest New Swinger Lifestyle Group For Sexy BBW’s & Their Admirers! We are currently organizing parties in the following areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas!

That’s right folks… me and my girl Farrah Foxx are teaming up to bring you some of the HOTTEST BBW action around! We are starting off light with swinger parties but will soon be revving up for fetish parties, porn parties and more. If you know me you already know I LOVE a good party so this is right up my alley and I can’t wait!

So here is one of the very first flyers for the group! If you are interested in knowing more about these parties please visit www.Addicted2BBW.com and join our Yahoo group for details and more! I look forward to seeing you kinky freaks soon, lol! Besos!!!

Urban X Awards!

I am very excited and honored to announce that I have been nominated for the Urban X Awards BBW Star of the Year. This is my first award nomination and I am thrilled to say the least! There are several BBW’s nominated, some whom I admire and am proud to be running against.

Though I am not in this industry to win awards and walk the red carpet, it does feel amazing to be recognized for my body of work and makes me want  to work twice as hard this year to be blessed with an 2012 nomination… maybe even an AVN, but I won’t push it LOL. Every day I am humbled and today is no exception.

I would like to take this time to ask you to PLEASE go to the Urban X Awards website and vote for me for BBW Star of the Year. The awards will be held in LA on July the 23rd and voting began today. Without the fans of our work none of this would even be possible, so from the bottom of my dark heart… thank you.

Click here to cast your vote!

XoXo, Desiree Devine

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Another year has passed and there is SOOO much to be thankful for! I spent yesterday morning giving thanks on twitter… which I will paste my tweets here, in no particular order:

I am thankful for @shamelessangel and @hardtenent for being amazing webmasters and even better friends… I truly LoVe you guys!

I am thankful for @pussy_whisperer and @thealphapussy for renewing my faith in LoVe! They are proof that it still exists! ❤

I am thankful for @shannyaz & @ElJefe_GM for being such awesome friends and a huge support for me, especially during my move to AZ! LoVe you!

I am thankful for @pornlaw and people like him who take action and stand up for what’s right. One person CAN make a difference!

I am thankful for @ChristyLee75 and @ClubFullFilled for giving me a new direction and helping me find my passion again! #NewBeginnings

I’m thankful to all my sisters like @FarrahFoxx @DestinyBBW @DaphneDaniels @MsDawpP @DirtyLittleDiva & other BBWs 4 proving BIG is BEAUTIFUL

I am #thankful for @DreCostello for all the LoVe and support he has given me, proving good men still exist! ❤

I am #thankful for the amazing people @casagorditasd especially @BabyFace_GM @phreespirit @GrrrgeouBBW for being REAL & true to who they are!

I am #thankful for @Christianxxx1 and all those who are true to themselves regardless. I wish EVERYONE had the courage to do the same.

I have SO much to be #thankful for but MOSTLY I am #thankful for my fans and supporters who allow me to do what I LoVe to do! Thank you all!

I am #thankful for the @BBWnetwork @SanDiegoBBWBash & all the other events around the world that celebrate BBW’s and our admirers!

These are all people and things that I am thankful for, but I am also thankful for living in a country where I have the right to be me. I can, for the most part, live my life as I chose without fear of being stoned to death. God bless us for having the First Amendment… freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

Last but not least, I am thankful for living another year and though it hasn’t necessarily been the easiest year, I have learned a lot about myself and life in general. I am thankful for seasons of change and the ability to see things in a whole new light. Sometimes it takes a storm to clear away the earth and make a new path.

Much LoVe to you and the important people in your life, may you cherish them today as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Happy Thanksgiving!

BIG BBW Industry Beef!

As everyone pretty much knows I have pretty much been out of the game for a little over a year or so.. I have been taking care of me and trying to get ME straight. As I am reentering the industry I am finding that a lot has changed in the time I have been gone. Just like in any industry, people leave and new people come in. I have seen a lot of new girls come in and make a positive impression, but unfortunately there are those who have arrived on the scene with a wealth of controversy. Now for some people, like Kat Stacks, controversy is their life… I guess if you want to be known and remembered as the sub-human ghetto money-grubbing whore that’s fine… but for the rest of us we strive to make a more positive impact.

Now if you have followed me for any period of time you already know that I am not afraid to take a stand for what’s right. I have went up against Lisa Marie Garbo for being a scandalous, two-faced fraud as well as a well know porn convention, which made national news, for discriminating against overweight entertainers. The way I look at it is that if there is something that is blatantly hurting someone, a stand needs to be taken because enough is enough. Today one of my best friends, Farrah Foxx, took a stand against another BBW in the industry and put it out there that the BS and trash talk against her would not be tolerated. This is what Farrah had to say:

The sad part about this is that Farrah felt like she had to defend herself. In the small niche market of the adult industry that we are in, we should really be banning together to network and thrive, not battling it out over Facebook, twitter and YouTube! Farrah should have never been put in a defensive position, period… there is no reason for it. This industry is big enough for all of us to get a piece of the pie… as long as you are good at what you do the work will come. It’s ok to be a go getter and to go after success because Lord knows it won’t come to you, but there is a way to handle your business with class and tact. Remember the saying “You get more bees with honey”!

My hope in this industry is to show people that BBW’s are just as sexy as all those skinny bitches and we have just as much if not more class than them. Big girls need to stand up and walk with your head held high exuding confidence, not conceitedness. Keep your personal life personal and don’t bring your business into the public… as models we need to be a fantasy, not a vile spewing catty broads. Fans don’t want to see their favorite sex symbols talking shit about each other, they want to see us ramming each other with toys and whatnot! Cat fights are generally a turn off and will often leave a bad taste in the fans mouth. I wish EVERYONE success because I know the more successful that my predecessors are, it paves the way for my own future success.

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat… we can together help it stay afloat or sit back and drown. People will have personal beefs, but keep it personal, no need to make it public and don’t put others down to make yourself look like your on a taller stage because it’ll backfire and make you look like the ultimate schmuck. I hope that one day the BBW community will come together and unite as a movement… no one can do it alone, it takes a team effort, even Martin Luther King Jr. had a support system. PLUS… helping someone and lifting them up is a lot more rewarding than tearing them down.

Headed back to the Left Coast!

As most of you know I have been on the East Coast for a minute. I have traveled from Miami to upstate NY and have made many, many stops in between. I have come to LoVe the NE, Jersey & NYC especially… but it’s time for me to find my way back home. California is where my heart is, as well as my best friends, and I have really missed it so.

With all that said… it’s road trip time. Since I drove across the country I’m gonna have to drive back but this time I have MANY stops along the way. Here is a quick glance at my tentative cities list:

St. Louis
Oklahoma City
Dallas/Ft. Worth
San Antonio
& FINALLY Los Angeles

It is gonna be a long trip with lots of adventure and I can’t wait! Through some of my travels I will even have company like Thunder Katt, Farrah Foxx and others. Since I am driving it means I may have changes to my schedule so I am not announcing dates until I am sure, probably the end of next week! I will also be hitting clubs and different events along the way… if you wanna stay up to date on where I’ll be and when you can click here to sign up for my mailing list!

For this trip I am booking private sessions in advance… more details, including rates, services and travel calendar, can be found on DesireeOnDemand.com! When booking in advance PLEASE make sure of your dates and times, if you are not certain of when you can make it, call me when you are… and if your plans change, be courteous and call me to let me know you have to cancel or reschedule.

I look forward to visiting a town near you!

Hot Summer Meltdown!

That’s right fellas… I will be attending the Hot Summer Meltdown in Manhattan, NY on Saturday August 21st, 2010! The guest list is gonna be FULL of big booty, ginormous jugg chicks like Farrah Foxx, Amber Swallows, BBW SuperStar and more! Click on the flyer above to see it in full size!

For ticket info call Fantasy at 347.248.4774 or email cybersinsation@gmail.com! Tickets are going for $100 and $150 so get yours NOW!

I can’t wait to see you there… smooches!

I was on Fox NEWS…

Yesterday I received a call from a friend letting me know they saw me on Fox News. To my surprise when I went to the Fox News website… there I was, clear as day!

Here is the link…http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html?playerId=videolandingpage&streamingFormat=FLASH&referralObject=3836920&referralPlaylistId=playlist

So after watching the broadcast I had mixed emotions, but overall I thought it was great. I don’t know if anyone noticed but they gave the convention NO mention and I thought that was awesome.

I’m very curious to hear what everyone has to say so feel free to comment after you watch the broadcast!

P.S. Happy belated St. Patty’s Day!


We’ll be at the AEE!

Thanks partially to the discrimination of Adultcon, myself, Subrina Love, Farrah Foxx and Chocolate Nights will be attending the AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) as the first EVER BBW booth in the history of the event! The event is in Vegas January 8-11, so make sure that you come out to support us if you can!

Denied by ADULTCON! – Update

Adultcon is taking place as I write this and one thing is perfectly clear… I’m not there nor will I be in attendance this weekend. It has never been more clear that Adulcon doesn’t want BBW’s participating in this event… here’s an update! http://adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=31677