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BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials!

BBW FanFest Super Early Bird Specials will open Nov. 19th at 12 am and last for ONLY 72 HOURS! 30% OFF (booths space for models and vendors as well as attendee packages) PLUS every purchase will include a 2-Day Well Rounded LV entry! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!

BBW FanFest 2012

This is an exciting topic to blog about, especially for me… as most people know, back in 2008, myself and a few of my fellow BBW’s sued Adultcon for size discrimination. We rented booth space, but when we sent in photos of ourselves to be placed on their event website, we were denied due to not being “height/weight proportionate”. It was a major slap in the face considering that we work just as hard in this industry, if not harder, than the skinny porn folk. It is also known that AVN is not an avid supporter of BBW. There are very few BBW related movies that ever get nominated and there are definitely NO BBW talent categories. Exxxotica is a neutral convention… though they welcome us, they do not promote us as being a part of the event. At the end of the day BBW’s are like the red-headed step child of porn. I  understand that we are in what’s considered to be a fetish/niche market, but come on.

The exciting news is… there is a NEW convention that is exclusively for BBW’s and the fans who love us! It is called BBW FanFest and it pops off for the first time in Las Vegas, July of 2012, the weekend prior to the annual Las Vegas BBW Bash! There will be more details to follow very soon… be guaranteed that I will keep you up to speed on this event as it unfolds… I’m VERY excited!

Here is a random pic from one of the photo shoots we did for the BBW FanFest marketing campaign…Me with Lexxxi Luxe and Ms. Dawn P.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Another year has passed and there is SOOO much to be thankful for! I spent yesterday morning giving thanks on twitter… which I will paste my tweets here, in no particular order:

I am thankful for @shamelessangel and @hardtenent for being amazing webmasters and even better friends… I truly LoVe you guys!

I am thankful for @pussy_whisperer and @thealphapussy for renewing my faith in LoVe! They are proof that it still exists! ❤

I am thankful for @shannyaz & @ElJefe_GM for being such awesome friends and a huge support for me, especially during my move to AZ! LoVe you!

I am thankful for @pornlaw and people like him who take action and stand up for what’s right. One person CAN make a difference!

I am thankful for @ChristyLee75 and @ClubFullFilled for giving me a new direction and helping me find my passion again! #NewBeginnings

I’m thankful to all my sisters like @FarrahFoxx @DestinyBBW @DaphneDaniels @MsDawpP @DirtyLittleDiva & other BBWs 4 proving BIG is BEAUTIFUL

I am #thankful for @DreCostello for all the LoVe and support he has given me, proving good men still exist! ❤

I am #thankful for the amazing people @casagorditasd especially @BabyFace_GM @phreespirit @GrrrgeouBBW for being REAL & true to who they are!

I am #thankful for @Christianxxx1 and all those who are true to themselves regardless. I wish EVERYONE had the courage to do the same.

I have SO much to be #thankful for but MOSTLY I am #thankful for my fans and supporters who allow me to do what I LoVe to do! Thank you all!

I am #thankful for the @BBWnetwork @SanDiegoBBWBash & all the other events around the world that celebrate BBW’s and our admirers!

These are all people and things that I am thankful for, but I am also thankful for living in a country where I have the right to be me. I can, for the most part, live my life as I chose without fear of being stoned to death. God bless us for having the First Amendment… freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

Last but not least, I am thankful for living another year and though it hasn’t necessarily been the easiest year, I have learned a lot about myself and life in general. I am thankful for seasons of change and the ability to see things in a whole new light. Sometimes it takes a storm to clear away the earth and make a new path.

Much LoVe to you and the important people in your life, may you cherish them today as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Best Wings In HoLLyWooD!

I absolutely had to give props! During Ms. Dawn P.‘s 9 day visit to Hollywood we spent a couple days just chillaxin at the house not doing much of anything so we decided to order in. I went to my kitchen drawer and pulled out the stack of delivery menus that have been left on my door and we commenced to decide what we were going to order. BTW… if you’ve ever stayed in Hollywood you know that you can have almost any type of food you want delivered… even a Philly Cheesesteak, yummy… lol, maybe I’ll blog about that another day!

Anywho… after much deliberation over the type of food we were going to order… I wanted Thai, a no go for Dawn, lol… we decided on a classic… pizza! So as we looked over the menu choices we decided on the individual meal packs with an individual hawaiian pizza, 6 mild wings, soda and cesar salad. So, I picked up the phone, called Crispy Crust Pizza and an hour later we had dinner at our door… it was about to be on! We took the food to the kitchen, put it on plates and then pure bliss! The wings looked sooo good that that’s what we both bit into first… it was a perfect bite. I have never in my life had better wings… they were not too greasy, perfectly crisp and had the best tasting tangy buffalo sauce EVER! Eating those 6 wings was like takin a bite of heaven, lol… and when I had finished my wings and looked over at Dawn and noticed she had finished her wings… we looked at each other in solid disappointment… it was over and they were all gone… nothing could compare after that. The pizza was good and the cesar salad was superb but nothing could beat the wings!

The wings left such an impression on us that the next time we were chillaxin at the house we called up and ordered some more. I recommend that if you’re ever in Hollywood, you hit up Crispy Crust Pizza for some heaven bound wings as I have found them to be the best wings in Hollywood! 

Going to the BBW Vegas Bash!

1 word describes my feeling about this fabulous annual event… WOOHOO… ok, maybe that’s 2 words, lol!

This is going to be my first year spending the entire week at the BBW Vegas Bash and I am super stoked! My roomies are also a huge reason I’m super excited… Ms. Dawn P. and the sweet Michelle Rose! My good friends Tree, Tofu, Tawnee, Secret and Sicilia will also be attending!

I will arrive in Vegas Monday July 14th for the Club Sinsations Pre-Bash Party! I think Dawn will also arrive on the 14th to commence the festivities, lol! Tuesday we will pick up Michelle at the airport and continue on to check into our room at the Bash… oh, we may be needing to make a quick stop by Costco to stock up on adult beverages, hehe!

As soon as we get into our room my plan is to fill up my cup, strip down and head to the pool for some summer sun!

So hopefully I will see all of my good friends and fans and make many new friends! If your coming out make sure to bring your August issue of Big Butt Magazine and I would love to sign it for you! See you there! 

Big Butt Mag 08/08