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My day…

Today was kind of an odd day with many emotional ups and downs. I woke up a bit anxious and immediately started cleaning the kitchen. After finishing the kitchen it was time to get ready for my scene with Christian with a trip to the nail salon. I always LoVe going to the nail salon, the foot massages are my favorite! After getting pampered at the salon I had to rush back home to shower and make it to the set.

I was the first one to arrive on set, and I was late, I ended up waiting outside for about 20 mins before someone showed up to let me in. The make-up artist was a super cool chick, and again I LoVe hair and make-up because I feel pampered! The scene with Christian was amazing, as always… blog post to follow soon, but afterwords was kind of a downer.

After the scene, Christian drove me home and I was telling him about my recent break-up… lol, he told me to stop telling him the story because it was depressing. Since the break-up was so emotional for me it got me to thinking about my childhood, growing up in foster care still affects me today. I really started thinking about how sometimes we, as people, just want to be loved. I have no real family, my friends are my family, so sometimes I think I may have settled for less than I deserved out of pure loneliness.

I never thought I would admit that I was lonely or just wanted to be loved, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be being honest. I’m just blessed for what I do have in my life and that is good friends and a GREAT job, lol!