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These days…

These days it seems like I’m not doing much, but that’s about to change dramatically. I’ve kinda been in hiatus mode trying to figure out what I really want to do with my life, it seems that it was much needed hiatus. For all of you that follow me and my happenings, here’s a little update!

A few months ago I entered into a serious relationship… so serious in fact, I moved in with him. As most relationships go it seemed there had to be some compromising done and most of the compromise came on my end. Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that they are difficult as they are, imagine tossing in adult work into the equation. Much like a lot of other men I have dated, my new bo had an issue with me being a pornstar. I always said that I wouldn’t change who I was or what I did for anyone, they should accept me for who and what I am, but who was I kidding?

I realized that I’m not getting any younger and if I wanted my dream of settling down and having a family to come to fruition, I was gonna have to make some sacrifices. Being in a “normal” relationship has come with some challenges for me. I have had to hide who I am from his friends and family, stop making movies and my social life is pretty much non-existent. I’ve tried my best to be Suzy homemaker but it hasn’t been easy. I ask myself daily if I am making the right decisions for myself and I have come to realize I’m not.

The thing is is that I decided to cut myself off from the world thinking that that’s what he would want me to do, he didn’t ask me to become a recluse… I did that all on my own. After a couple months of being secluded I’ve decided that I’m a social butterfly and I need activity and people in my life. I want to work and be productive, just in a different way.

It has taken me a long time to build up my name and my status and I would hate to drop off the grid all together so I have decided to jump back into the adult world, but in a different role. Before my hiatus began, I was working on starting a BBW talent agency. I figure that all of the contacts that I’ve made and all of my own personal experience in porn would be put to good use with an agency. I am working on getting my license an on designing the website, which is the first site that I have designed in years. Since I’ve started working on the agency I feel like I have some life pumped back into me.

So there you have it folks, my life in a nutshell. In the future I plan on being a much better person, friend, agent and blogger. I plan on being very active in the adult industry and in the online world. Oh yeah… I adopted a new puppy! Here’s a pic… her name is Lily!